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Active DAS Certification for Fiber Systems

Active DAS Certification for Fiber Systems

Effective 6/1/2016, BICSI recognizes Active DAS Certification Training for the following BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs): 18 BICSI CECs. Event ID OV-ANRIT-CA-0616-1

Active DAS Certification is a 3-day course that teaches the theory and practical considerations and procedures of assembling, installing and testing the active portions of Distributed Antenna Systems.

This is a rigorous course. Certification will mean the participant who passes knows how to use the instruments to make measurements, can interpret and analyze information to find problems and correct them, and has a sound strategy for consistent documentation and efficient, effective workflow. The purpose and true value of this course is that it will teach students to do the job correctly the first time avoiding costly rework. Anritsu certification means confidence.

DAS installers use Anritsu’s Access Master™ MT9083x2 OTDR extensively when building and testing the active portion of DAS installations and absolutely no one else can offer the extensive hands-on certified training on the Access Master like Anritsu can. Anritsu’s new Active DAS Certification offers:

  • A class that’s over 60% hands-on practice with the Access Master. Theory is important, but application is the job.
  • Instructor led by an expert with 15 years of DAS engineering and installation experience.
  • All required tests and troubleshooting practiced on a Corning 1 active DAS simulation they built
  • Daily tests on theory give adult learners the chance to self-assess progress throughout
  • Practice reading and interpreting industry-standard documentation and engineering parameters
  • Hands-on fiber splicing and skills evaluation

Traditional Fiber Optic & OTDR Certification training or solid field experience operating an OTDR are highly recommended for this course.

Tips for Success:

DAS Certification Class is more than 60% hands-on so it is very important to follow these helpful tips.

  1. Participate in ALL the class activities and labs.
  2. Repeat the labs until you are confident and comfortable with each procedure.
  3. Ask questions, either in class, or at the breaks. The instructor is here to answer questions, but only you know what your questions are.
  4. Use the exercises in your manual to reinforce theory and concepts from the discussions.
  5. Communicate with your fellow participants and lab partners.
  6. Do every lab and exercise yourself, at least once, as the hands-on technician.
  7. Please contribute your knowledge and experience. Your insights may help someone else.
Course Schedule:

Day 1

  • Introduction to DAS and Active DAS
  • Assess for PIM and Line Sweep knowledge (self-paced audience response system test in the book)
  • Fill any theory gaps on basic RF measuring concepts (no hands-on)
  • Introduction to the OTDR
  • Hands-on manipulation and file management practice to get comfortable with the Access Master
  • Deeper into DAS and the simulation in the room
  • Optional no-stakes measuring of the simulation (pre-lab exercise here?)
  • DAS Documents
  • Written test for day 1 concepts

Day 2

  • Review of Day 1 theory  big ticket items
  • DAS best practices for testing and building
  • Basic DAS Traces introduction
  • Making OTDR measurements (labs)
  • Comparing to documentation
  • More about Fiber
  • Splicing demo and hands-on
  • Deeper into Traces
  • Troubleshooting best practices
  • Bugging and troubleshooting the simulation (labs)
  • Role of documentation in the troubleshooting process (part of lab)
  • Written test – trace interpretation, troubleshooting thought process

Day 3

  • Scenarios discussion & Q&A
  • Hands-on practice and dry run of the hands-on test (labs—OK to repeat or offer advanced options for experienced participants)
  • 2-cycle testing: half the class OTDR troubleshooting on the simulation
  • Half the class written test interpreting documentation and traces, plus best practices
Additional Information:


  • Classes will be cancelled if minimum registration of 5 students is not met two weeks prior to the class dates.
  • Credit card orders are authorized but not charged until the class is confirmed.
  • Online orders can only be processed if the billing address is in the United States


  • Once a class is confirmed, any student wishing to cancel must provide written notice to us-training(ATMARK) at least 14 days prior to the class date or be subject to a cancelation fee up to 100% of the registration price.
7/18/2023 - 7/20/2023


PHOENIX, AZ: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD

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