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Module 5: RF Fundamentals - Antennas

Antennas are essential to wireless communications. Module 5 of RF Fundamentals covers:

  • The different types of antennas, standard antennas and how antenna gain is achieved
  • Antenna Near Field / Diversity / Downtilt / RET and MIMO
  • Antenna Isolation in Bi-Directional Amplifier installations
  • Questions to confirm knowledge of the topics throughout the module, followed by a quiz at the end to test student knowledge
Created For
  • Wireless Technicians
  • Base Station OEMs
  • Tower Companies
  • Field Engineers
  • Installers
  • Site Managers
  • Be able to select the best antenna for the job
  • Be able to convert antenna gain units
  • Be able to interpret antenna data sheets
  • Understand the importance of keeping the antenna away from clutter
  • Be able to calculate the near field of an antenna
  • Know the purpose of antenna diversity and MIMO
  • Understand how electrical downtilt is achieved
  • Be able to measure antenna isolation and set BDA gain appropriately
Course Agenda:
  • What does an antenna do?
  • What different types of antennas are there?
  • What is antenna gain and how is it achieved?
  • What is antenna reciprocity and polarization?
  • What is efficiency and how does it impact gain?
  • What is antenna near field?
  • What is antenna diversity and MIMO?
  • What is antenna downtilt and ret?
  • What is antenna isolation?
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RF Fundamentals: Antennas—Module 5


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