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Service and Support Programs

Anritsu is committed to delivering superior customer support. We achieve this through a global network of customer service centers that are registered to ISO 9001:2008 quality system compliance and staffed by factory trained professionals who provide accurate, reliable, high quality repair and calibration services. When you entrust your Anritsu products to us, you get the expertise and quality you would expect from an industry leader and the fast turnaround time you demand.

Service Centers Located Near You

Service centers are strategically located across the country, providing a friendly and professional support team conveniently located near you.

Technical Experts

Our service technicians are experts at the repair and calibration of Anritsu products. They receive regular factory training on new and existing products and are fully equipped to provide fast, economic service for all your Anritsu products.

Product Upgrades

Anritsu service centers are equipped to install factory-designated improvements and recommended engineering upgrades related to your Anritsu product. These upgrades help insure peak product performance and highest reliability.

Automated Test Systems

Each customer service center is equipped with custom automated test systems to aid in the repair and calibration of Anritsu products. This automation results in increased efficiency and cost savings,which are passed on to our customers in the form of competitive pricing and quick turnaround.