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The Microwave Technology Center offers the following technologies:

Process Design Services
Anritsu's engineers have extensive experience with circuit processing technologies, and will be available to work with your designers in coming up with the optimal fabrication processes to achieve your circuit design. In many cases, circuits can be fabricated and made ready for testing within five working days. Anritsu's staff and facilities stand ready to assist you in further optimizing your device performance, and bring your first prototypes to the manufacturing volume that you need.

Substrate Materials
The following substrate materials are available: alumina, aluminum nitride, fused silica, glass, quartz, sapphire, and silicon.

Guidelines for Mask Design
Our talented team of CAD professionals will help to layout your engineering and prototype arrays and work closely with the mask shop to quickly release the mask set to meet your needs.

The following metals are available for thin film deposition by sputtering or electroplating: Titanium, Titanium-Tungsten, Nickel, Gold, Copper, and Palladium

We can routinely achieve accurate patterning of feature sizes down to 0.001" (25.4 µm). and on a custom basis, down to 0.0004 in. (10 µm). Two photolithography processes are available: subtractive process (Etchback) or semi-additive process (Pattern Plate).

Insulation / Passivation
Patterned polymide and BCB films are available for use as a solder mask, thin film capacitor and insulating layer.

Filled Vias and Plated Through-Holes
Option of solid filled vias, plated through-holes and edge wrap-around techniques are available.

Laser Cutting and Drilling
Our Co2 laser system can create features of virtually any planar shape with positional accuracy of 0.001 in.

Resistor Films
Our standard resistance layer is Tantalum Nitride. A wide variety of sheet resistivities is available, with excellent temperature coefficients and long-term stability values.

Laser Trimming
Our laser trimmer can adjust resistor values up to an absolute tolerance of 0.1%

Singulation is done using fully automatic dicing saws and diamond based blades. Standard tolerance is ± 0.001 in. (2.5 μm).

Inspection and Testing
Our products are 100% DC tested and inspected to meet and exceed customer requirements. Our Quality Assurance program is ISO9001 certified and meet most existing military and aerospace requirements.