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Optical & High-speed & Transport Testing Solutions

Introduces Anritsu Optical Measuring Instruments, Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT), Transport and Ethernet Testing products. This Solution Brochure is a document for Optical Measuring Instruments, Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT), Transport and Ethernet Testing products.

Brochure pdf 1.8 MB 9/1/2023

Network Installation and Maintenance Testing Instruments Solutions Brochure

This Solution Brochure showcases Optical Measuring Instruments, Transport and Ethernet Testing, Mobile Wiress Communication Measuring Instruments, Signal Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, VNAs, and RF Microwave products.

Brochure pdf 3.0 MB 3/29/2023

Electronic Measuring Instruments Digest 2023

Anritsu Electronic Measuring Instruments Catalog of Condensed Version

Catalog pdf 2.4 MB Version: 2022 3/23/2023

Network Master Series MT9090A Mainframe - Gigabit Ethernet Modules MU909060A1/A2/A3

The Ethernet technology is widely deployed and used for numerous applications. Therefore easy testing of Ethernet links is very important. When outfitted with the Gigabit Ethernet module, the very compact battery-powered, easy-to-use Anritsu Network Master is a comprehensive solution for Gigabit Ethernet testing and for installation and troubleshooting Ethernet communication lines. The instrument gives the user facilities for easy bandwidth verification, connectivity testing and service availability verification. The small size and low weight of the instrument makes it very easy to carry around for the field technician working with the Ethernet lines and despite the small size the instrument is equipped with a large display. The user can easily read and interpret information from the tested lines off the large color display with easy-to-understand colors and graphical symbols. And the graphical user interface makes it a simple task to configure and operate the instrument

Brochure pdf 1.9 MB 7/27/2022

MU909060A Series Gigabit Ethernet Module Operation Manual

Operation manual for MU909060A.

Operations Manual pdf 7.0 MB Version: v19.0 12/3/2020

Quick Guide MU909060A Series Gigabit Ethernet Module

Quick guide for MU909060A.

Operations Manual pdf 1.3 MB Version: 2nd 6/11/2013

MU909060A GigE Operation Example Screen Map

Operation example screen map for MU909060A.

Operations Manual pdf 497.4 KB Version: Edition 00 6/11/2013

In-service Measurement for Mobile Backhaul

Anritsu's Network Master Gigabit Ethernet Module (NWM GigE) is an IP/Ethernet measuring instrument supporting on-site analysis of live networks. The small, portable, low-cost design makes it the ideal personal test solution for on-site engineers and technicians who can accurately and quickly troubleshoot problems or take preventive countermeasures.

Leaflet pdf 175.6 KB 6/11/2012

Smart Ethernet Test Solution

New Features to Support Modern Ethernet Testing

Leaflet pdf 172.2 KB 9/7/2011

ITU Y.1564 Ethernet Testing

Has Ethernet testing come of age? Ethernet – the technology has been around for many years with most of us considering it as a LAN (Local Area Networks) technology and often not seen as an End to End communication medium. With Ethernet now firmly in the access and core of Telecom networks testing standards needed to be developed.

Application Note pdf 874.0 KB 7/8/2011

Network Master Gigabit Ethernet Tester Product Introduction

Product Introduction for MU909060A1/A2/A3 Gigabit Ethernet Tester

Product Introduction pdf 2.2 MB 6/24/2011

ITU-T Y.1564 Support

New Features for activating multiple Ethernet Services

Leaflet pdf 267.3 KB 6/24/2011

Video Inspection Probe

This is discontinued product document.

Datasheet pdf 537.6 KB 3/18/2011

VLAN Stacking or Q-in-Q (MT9090A/MU909060A Network Master GigE)

Application Note for the VLAN Stacking or Q-in-Q (MT9090A/MU909060A Network Master GigE)

Application Note pdf 766.9 KB Version: 1.0 7/14/2009

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The following firmware and documents for MU909060A are contained in the zip file (v3.11). (MU909060A:v3.11, MX909060A:v3.08.02) MD5 : 6334204995370e13de0a44811792c801

Drivers Software Downloads zip 64.1 MB Version: v3.11 10/6/2022

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What Anritsu ethernet testers are Y.1564 compliant?

The MT9090A GigE module and the CMA3000 are capable of peforming the Y.1564 suite.