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OPTION-545VIP USB 200/400x Video Inspection Probe

Scratches and stains to optic fiber ferrule endfaces are often said to have a negative impact on transmission quality. The OPTION-545VIP can be connected to an MT908x Series ACCESS Master, MT9090A Network Master Series product and PC, to show the state of a ferrule endface. This function is effective for determining whether a ferrule endface is clean, and whether connector replacement is necessary due to connector scratches.

Product Introduction pdf 1.5 MB 3/24/2014

CMA5000a OTDR Module Series

The CMA5000a Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) application is based on over 30 years of development and experience in characterizing optical fibers. Our world – class OTDR modules continue this tradition with the latest in high performance hardware and dedicated, easy to use software.

Datasheet pdf 497.7 KB 4/22/2013

Video Inspection Probe

This is discontinued product document.

Datasheet pdf 537.6 KB 3/18/2011

Networks SpliceLoss Templates and Report Generation Procedure

This application note is targeted at field service personnel, specifically those who install or maintain fiberoptic transmission lines, who wish to fully maximize the application of NetWorks 1.18 for fiber traces.

White Paper pdf 639.4 KB Version: 1.18 6/9/2010

Data Sampling Resolution and OTDR Accuracy

This white paper is directed at service providers and technicians who work on the Outside Plant. It addresses the optimal setting for any given fiber as it relates to resolution setting on the OTDR.

White Paper pdf 158.4 KB Version: 1.0 6/9/2010

CMA5000/a CD-OTDR OTDR/Chromatic Dispersion Application

The field portable CMA5000a OTDR/ Chromatic Dispersion (OTDR/CD) measurement system is a dedicated module that combines the advanced capabilities of Anritsu’s OTDR technology with Anritsu’s experience in Chromatic Dispersion.

Datasheet pdf 645.8 KB Version: 5.0 6/9/2010

CMA5000a Multi-layer Network Test Platform

This is discontinued product document.

Product Introduction pdf 4.2 MB 2/23/2009

CMA5000a Multi-layer Network Test Platform

The CMA5000a Multi-Layer Network Test Platform has a full range of versatile modules and easy to use touch panel, supporting fast network rollout and maintenance at lower total cost.

Brochure pdf 1.8 MB Version: 3.0 1/28/2009

Dispersion in Optical Fibers

Telecommunications service providers have to face continuously growing bandwidth demands in all networks areas, from long-haul to access.

White Paper pdf 798.8 KB 5/22/2008

CMA 5000 Optical Spectrum Analysis Application

This is discontinued product document.

Datasheet pdf 600.3 KB 4/5/2007

CMA5000 Multi-Layer Network Test Platform Specifications

This is discontinued product document.

Datasheet pdf 265.1 KB 10/26/2006

CMA5000 Polarization Mode Dispersion Application (PMD)

The CMA5000 PMD application increases revenue through complete PMD characterization, to optimize high data rate networks.

Datasheet pdf 200.4 KB 10/25/2006

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CMA5000 Software

CMA5000 Software MD5 : 00f98d4b984d19d07d782d902ee79fd3

Drivers Software Downloads zip 488.8 MB 5/27/2015

CMA5000(a) Family Release Note for BUILD20150527

English CMA5000 (a) Family Release Note for BUILD20150527

Drivers Software Downloads zip 97.2 KB 5/27/2015

TraceView Software v5.0

TraceView is software that allows users to view OTDR trace files on their PCs. It exhibits a subset of the functionality found in Anritsu's NetWorks/OTDR software.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 66.7 MB Version: 5.0 2/26/2014

CMA4500 Software

CMA4500 Software MD5 : fd5036e24b213253baf807935ceb35b6

Drivers Software Downloads zip 66.6 MB 3/3/2011

CMA4500/CMA5000 Application Software Installation

English CMA4500 Application Software Installation

Drivers Software Downloads zip 57.4 KB 3/3/2011

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I would like a hybrid Single Mode/Multi Mode OTDR, but can I get 1490nm along with the standard 850, 1300, 1310, and 1550nm?

This is possible on the CMA5000 by installing two OTDR modules. One module would support 1310nm, 1490nm, and 1550nm Singlemode, while the other would support 850nm and 1300nm Multimode. Customer support can assist you in selecting the right models and configurations to meet your specific requirements please call 1-800-Anritsu for support in the Americas.