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Testing Solution for UE Repair & Reverse Logistics

Watch the Mobile Device Repair & Reverse Logistics Testing Solution Video

More than 400 5G smartphone models have been launched and are being introduced into the consumer market. 5G devices are being sold at a rate faster than 4G devices at the same point of their launch, and the growth is only expected to continue for 5 more years. Releasing millions of devices into the market takes a coordinated effort between mobile operators, device manufacturers, and 5G UE (User Equipment) repair companies (a.k.a. logistics).

Refurbishing 4G and 3G devices for resale and ensuring the operability of returned 5G UE requires RF test solutions that have certain key features. Understanding the unique needs of RF testing in the UE repair market, Anritsu designed a testing solution specifically to meet the RF requirements of the UE Repair and Reverse Logistics vendors:

Test Station Space

Test Station SpaceOur all-in-one cost-efficient solution is scalable so it can test 3G, 4G and 5G, reducing the square footage and utility costs required for testing.


LaborIntelligent instruments can control labor costs because employees do not have to have continuing education courses or advanced training.


ThroughputBy adding automated testing into a solution, human error is significantly reduced.

Test Time

Test TimeAnritsu instruments can test devices 30 seconds faster than competitive options. Multiply that time savings by the volume of devices that are tested, and logistics facilities will see noticeable improvements in profitability.

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White paper

Download the White Paper Maximizing Profitability in UE Repair

Maximizing Profitability in UE Repair


Test Diagram for Testing One Device in 5G NR FR1/FR2+LTE

Test one device in 2G/3G/LTE + 5G NR FR1/FR2

Test Diagram for Testing One Device in 2G/3G/LTE + 5G NR FR1/FR2

Test two devices in parallel in 5G NR FR1/FR2

Test Diagram for Testing Two Devices in Parallel in 5G NR FR1/FR2

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