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Spider - Standalone/- Star-2 node/- Star-3 node/- Mesh

The SpiderTM platform emulates mesh network topologies such as LTE unlicensed, IoT, 802.11ac, mobility, handover, device to device, and radio coexistence testing.
  • Controllable bidirectional MIMO links
  • Wide channel bandwidth, wide frequency coverage (700 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • Variety of topologies with complete RF isolation (90 dB)
  • Connectivity with real devices in their native form
  • Automation of entire test-bed, including devices, APs, traffic sources, etc.

Azimuth’s Spider™ is an automated RF platform that is modular, scalable and cost-effective.
The Spider™ provide controllable 4x4 MIMO links in a variety of topologies (stadalone,Star 2/3 node, Mesh) with complete RF isolation for a test under End-to-end connections between multipule devices.
Typical solutions are LTE unlicensed, IoT (ex. Drone), 802.11ac, and use cases are mobility, handover, radio coexistence testing.
In addition, users can create their own solutions using the Spider platform and the modules available in the Director-II test executive.

What’s “Spider”?

Modular, Scalable, and Cost Effective

  • Fixed propagation path basis Channel Emulator
  • Easy to setup and build MIMO test environment with high repeatability
  • Possible to do MIMO connectivity, performance, and throughput test with ATT control
  • End-to-end automation (Director II) of the entire test-bed
  • Variety of topologies (Standalone, Star, and Mesh) with complete RF isolation (90dB) and modular basis HW configuration
  • LTE, LTE-Unlicensed, Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac)

GUI strongly focused on easy usability

  • Director 2 Test Executive
    • Graphical and ease-of-use basis GUI
    • Single user interface to control and automate the entire test-bed
    • End-to-end automation of the test-bed
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