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Optical Services

Optical Network Characterization Services
This product has been discontinued

Commissioning, troubleshooting and optimizing a large optical network, or even a small one, can be a daunting task. With today's economic trends of budget and staff reductions, finding the time to stay current with evolving test and measurement requirements and perform the tests required to turn up the highest quality network services can be overwhelming.

Anritsu has recognized the challenge of this difficult balancing act. You can now rely on Anritsu Engineers to do the testing and analysis for you. Through our test and measurement services, we will characterize your entire optical network, analyze the test results and come back to you with recommendations for optimizing your network's performance - saving time and reducing costs. As a leading manufacturer of network test equipment, Anritsu has the expertise and solutions for complete fiber characterization. Our equipment has tested over 95% of the world's fiber, so call on us to test yours.

What Our Services Do for You:

  • Recommendations for fiber plant corrective action for acceptance per installed system
  • Fiber plant limitations for upgrades 
  • Complete documentation package detailing all tests 
  • Summary of all tests taken 
  • Fiber plant exceptions and recommendations based on tests taken 

Minimize Costs by Outsourcing Data Gathering and Analysis to Expert Engineers

Anritsu Engineers have years of experience in testing, analyzing and documenting optical networks for optimal performance. When coupled with the industry's highest performing test equipment, which obtains the most accurate measurements in the least amount of time, our Engineers can characterize your optical network, analyze the data and recommend ways to improve your network's performance on site - reducing your overall cost of operation and increasing time to revenue.

  • On-site “pass or fail” analysis allows for immediate corrective action
  • Fast results decrease downtime on current networks and increase uptime on new installations

Expert Characterization Ensures the Optimal Network Performance for Maximum Revenue Generation

By relying on the experts at Anritsu and our thorough characterization services, you can be confident that your optical network will operate at optimal performance. Depending on your particular needs, we will provide complete fiber characterization measurements such as attenuation measurements with an OTDR, span loss with a power meter and source, optical return loss with an ORL meter, visual inspection of terminated cables within the patch panel with a fiber optic microscope and dispersion measurements with the PMD and CD test equipment.

Reliable Analysis Helps You Meet and Exceed Service Level Agreements

Once the on-site tests are complete, our Engineers will identify all service-affecting issues and recommend corrective action to ensure the network meets the expectations of both you and your customers. All captured results will be complied, analyzed and documented in a comprehensive report that will provide a complete picture of the status of your optical network. The report features detailed information on each fiber, network component and a complete summary of all tests taken, including bandwidth limitations of the network. This level of service will allow you to operate your network at the highest reliable data rate and uphold service level agreements.

  • Real-time corrective action of fiber plant to meet desired criteria
  • Recommendations for fiber plant corrective action for acceptance per installed system
  • Fiber plant limitations for upgrades

All Anritsu Optical Characterization Services are customized to fit your exact needs and can usually be completed in a few short days, depending on the complexity and size of the network.

  • Bi-directional OTDR testing at desired wavelengths (1310/1550/1625 nm)
  • Bi-directional loss readings at desired wavelengths (1310/1550/1625 nm)
  • Bi-directional ORL readings
  • Visual inspection of all patch panel terminated ends
  • PMD measurements for qualification at any transmission rate
  • CD measurements for qualification at any transmission rate
  • Real-time corrective action on site of fiber plant to meet desired criteria