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Anritsu Company Launches Rental Program to Meet Emerging Needs of 4G/5G User Equipment (UE) Repair and Reverse Logistics Market


New Program Creates Cost Benefits and Time Efficiencies to Validate 5G UE and 4G LTE Devices

Allen, TX – July 29, 2021 – Anritsu Company announces the establishment of a test system rental program specifically to address the needs of the UE repair market and third-party reverse logistic providers’ ecosystem. This program creates flexible rental and rent-to-own options of Anritsu test solutions targeted towards this market segment. This will ensure 5G UE and 4G LTE devices traded-in or returned to mobile operators are delivered to consumers quickly, reliably and operate in conformance to specifications.

The Anritsu program is available to in-house departments of mobile operators, reverse logistics firms, OEM repair shops, and third-party repair facilities. Short- and long-term rentals with buy-out options are available for all the needed software, hardware that includes Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C, OTA Chamber, and any ancillary equipment. The Anritsu MT8000A base station simulator supports RF measurements and protocol tests in 5G Frequency Range 1 (FR1) and Frequency Range 2 (FR2) and 4G LTE, while the MT8821C supports technologies from LTE-Advanced to 3G/2G.

Mobile operators and third-party reverse logistics companies can ensure UE operates according to technical specification right out of the box when tested with the MT8000A and MT8821C. The test solutions also help reverse logistics companies more efficiently refurbish 4G trade-in devices for resale.

Under terms of the program, customers have very low monthly payments that are a small percentage of the MT8000A and/or MT8821C list price, with option to credit majority of the rental payments towards a future buyout. It provides financial flexibility to companies involved in the UE repair market, creating operational expense (OpEx) and capital expense (CapEx) benefits. It helps create a financially efficient process to purchase leading-edge test solutions to repair and verify returned UE, including 4G LTE and 5G devices.

“Current market conditions have created an environment in which our reverse logistics partners must ensure 5G and 4G UEs are delivered to consumers quickly and will operate according to technical specifications and customers’ expectations. We are providing options that incorporate industry-leading, proven test systems that can verify multiple devices in a time- and cost-efficient manner,” said Adnan Khan, Director of Technology and Market Development, Anritsu Company.

About Anritsu

Anritsu is a provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions. Anritsu engages customers as true partners to help develop wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital solutions for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance applications, as well as multidimensional service assurance solutions for network monitoring and optimization. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communication products and systems. The company develops advanced solutions for emerging and legacy wireline and wireless technologies used in commercial, private, military/aerospace, government, and other markets.

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