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Anritsu Introduces PAM4 Modules Supporting 400GbE and Over 400G BER Tests for MP1900A BERT


New Modules Provide Best-in-Class Signal Quality and Excellent Rx Sensitivity for Accurate Verification of High-speed Optical Modules and Devices

Allen, TX – November 21, 2018 - Anritsu Company introduces 64-Gbaud PAM4 Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and 32-Gbaud PAM4 Error Detector (ED) modules supporting 400GbE and Over 400G bit error rate (BER) tests for its Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT. With the modules installed, the MP1900A provides engineers with best-in-class signal quality and excellent Rx sensitivity to more accurately verify performance of 400GbE optical modules and devices being designed for high-speed communications systems.

Anritsu has developed the 64-Gbaud PAM4 PPG and 32-Gbaud PAM4 ED to support evaluation of equipment and devices using either the 26.5625-Gbaud PAM4 x 8 lanes or 53.125-Gbaud PAM4 x 4 lanes methods. The introduction of the MP1900A PAM4 modules addresses the market need for solutions that can accurately measure devices designed for high-speed, large-capacity transmissions such as those for 5G and cloud services.

The new PPG can output PAM4 signals up to 64 Gbaud and has the world’s best Tr/Tf of 8.5 ps and intrinsic jitter of 170 fs. It has a multichannel synchronize function that can expand up to four channels, and an emphasis function that corrects signals degraded by transmission path loss for more accurate measurement results. With high sensitivity performance of 23mV, the 32-Gbaud PAM4 ED module supports an embedded clock recovery function required for Rx jitter tolerance test, as well as PAM4 symbol error measurements.

Configured with the new modules, the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A can generate high-quality PAM4 signals. This best-in-class performance allows the true performance of 400GbE optical modules and devices to be tested with adequate margin to satisfy industry specifications for the first time.

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A is a leading PAM4 BER tester for the Over 400G market and supports generation of high-speed signals, as well as analysis of signal performance. Its multichannel expandability allows simultaneous measurements of multiple lanes for faster test times. Additionally, the MP1900A can be easily configured with jitter and noise addition functions to create an all-in-one test solution for evaluating Rx sensitivity to improve development and testing efficiency.

About Anritsu

Anritsu Corporation is a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions for 120 years. Anritsu’s “2020 VISION” philosophy engages customers as true partners to help develop wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital solutions for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance applications, as well as multidimensional service assurance solutions for network monitoring and optimization. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communications products and systems. The company develops advanced solutions for 5G, M2M, IoT, as well as other emerging and legacy wired and wireless communications markets. With offices throughout the world, Anritsu has some 4000 employees in over 90 countries.

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Kim Collins
Director, Americas Marketing
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3E Public Relations

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