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Anritsu Company Introduces Large-Capacity Network Performance Tester Combining IP and SONET/SDH Measurement Capabilities

MP1591A Modular Design Enables Single-instrument Solution for Testing MSTP/MSPP Networks and Devices Accurately

Anritsu Company introduces the MP1591A Network Performance Tester featuring a 20-slot chassis design supporting multiple ports of 10M to 10G for Ethernet analysis as well as 1.5M to 10.7G for SONET/SDH, OTN, and jitter analysis. The broad testing capability and high port capacity of the MP1591A makes it a unique single-instrument solution for optical device manufacturers whose products are designed into multi-service transport platforms (MSTPs) and multi-service provisioning platforms (MSPPs), as well as for service providers who must maintain networks utilizing MSTP/MSPP technology.

Continuing Anritsu's tradition as a leader in optical test and analysis, the MP1591A supports the same modules as Anritsu's highly successful MP1590 Family and MD1230 Family network and data quality analyzers. With 16 slots available for interface modules, the MP1591A can support Ethernet and IP analysis for up to 16 ports of 10 Gbps or 32 ports of 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet as well as SONET/SDH, jitter, or OTN analysis on multiple ports up to 10.7 Gbps. In addition, a new MU120118X-01 WAN-PHY option adds support for increasingly important 10 GbE WAN network testing.

With its enhanced VCAT and LCAS options, the MP1591A can be configured as the industry's only single-instrument solution for fully testing and verifying Differential Delay, LCAS, and VCAT in next-generation Ethernet over SONET (EoS) networks up to 2.5G. And with its unique 10 Gb differential input/output (I/O) feature, the MP1591A is a superior testing alternative for differential electrical jitter testing of 10G XFP modules and their electrical interfaces to host cards.

Among the options available for the MP1591A is MU159101-30 for high-precision jitter analysis of SONET and SDH. With this option, the MP1591A delivers excellent }20 mUIp-p accuracy in jitter measurement, measurement repeatability of }5 mUIp-p, and very low intrinsic jitter of less than 50 mUIp-p. The combination of high accuracy and repeatability with low intrinsic jitter allows the Network Performance Tester to address many of the inherent difficulties and subsequent inaccuracies of jitter analysis. The result is unprecedented ability to perform complete ITU-T O.172 jitter analysis on SDH/SONET, as well as thorough O.173 verification of OTU-1 and OTU-2 transmission equipment during the various stages of design and manufacturing.

For OTN testing requirements, the MP1591A is equipped with Poisson error insertion and variable optical output power functions, so it can efficiently evaluate Forward Error Correction (FEC). The MP1591A can perform Tandem Connection and Automatic Protection Switch (APS) tests on SONET/SDH equipment as well.