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5G Introduction for BTS Reverse Logistics

9/15/2021, original air date. Now on-demand.

As 5G network deployment continues, 4G and even 3G networks continue to co-exist. 5G will bring future BTS related opportunities for Repair and Reverse Logistics vendors, although with a variety of challenges, including added complexity, longer test times, and therefore overall increased cost of test. Join this webinar for an overview of 5G landscape, spectrum status, technology evolution and architecture, 5G use cases, followed by a discussion of 5G BTS testing challenges and a review of BTS Reverse Logistics use cases.

You will learn:

  • Global 5G landscape
  • 5G frequency bands
  • Technology evolution
  • Deployment options for migrating from 3G/4G to 5G architecture
  • 5G - use cases
  • 5G BTS testing challenges
  • BTS Reverse Logistics use cases

Presenter: Sundara Venkatesh (Venky), Market Development, Anritsu

Venky spent 20+ years in the wireless, transport & wireline industry working with multiple global operators, and network infrastructure vendors. At Anritsu, he is responsible for the strategic direction of the Anritsu portfolio within NEMS, ORAN and Private Networks. His broad knowledge base spans across different wireless, transport & wireline technologies including Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC. He holds a Master’s degree from Arizona State University.

Sundara Venkatesh