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Latest Trends in IEEE 802.11ax/11be (Wi-Fi 6E/WLAN Standards)

6/15/2021, original date. Now On-Demand.

WLAN is a cable-less technology for data communications typically using Ethernet over a local area. The first IEEE 802.11 standard regulating WLAN technology, released in 1997, supported only the 2.4 GHz band, but in 2020 the WLAN technology has begun supporting the 6 GHz band.

As a result, numerous new applications and services are expected to be developed using high-speed and large-capacity data communications based on the extremely wide frequency band of 1200 MHz. However, as with any new technology, engineers face new development challenges, including new testing requirements.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • IEEE 802.11 Standards & Changes including AX and BE
  • IEEE 802.11 Feature Updates
  • Testing solutions and considerations for device development


Brian Davis, Market Development Manager, Anritsu

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