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Tips & Techniques for Making Microwave VNA Measurements in the Field Webinar


What you will learn

Philip Belleau, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu Company will outline various tips and techniques for making microwave vector network analysis (VNA) measurements in the field.
These include:

  • How to minimize the measurement errors and uncertainties caused by the typical outdoor field environment.
  • When to calibrate and re-calibrate in the field, and what type(s) of calibration to use for the required measurements.
  • How to obtain accurate field S-parameter measurements which correlate well with bench top instruments.
  • How to measure reflection and transmission on long, embedded (permanently installed) transmission lines where each end of the transmission line is physically separated and not accessible to both measurement ports of the VNA instrument.

Presented by

Philip Belleau, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu Company