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1/31/2023 - 2/2/2023

Live Demonstrations

PCIe® 6.0 Rx Compliance Test Demo - Anritsu Meeting Room 1462
This year at DesignCon Anritsu will demonstrate the first single-instrument solution to support the new PCIe 6.0 Base Spec. Receiver Test. Featuring Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A, the new solution assures the signal integrity of chip designs utilizing PCIe 6.0. The demo will show how the all-in-one MP1900A simplifies the compliance test worst-case configuration while supporting accurate Rx Link Equalization evaluation. See this exclusive demo in Anritsu meeting room MR1462.

Signal Integrity Measurements using 70 GHz 4-port VNA – Anritsu Meeting Room 1462
Characterize high speed interconnects, printed circuit boards, backplanes, fixtures, packages, probes, and more for signal integrity to 70 GHz using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Measure single-ended, balanced differential, and mixed-mode S-Parameters. Profile impedance along a line using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). Simulate the eye diagram for a high-speed channel. Perform accurate network extraction for fixture de-embedding. Make E/O and O/E transfer function measurements.

Educational Sessions

  • FEC and Signal Integrity – Anritsu’s Hiroshi Goto will sit on a technical panel entitled The Case of the Closing Eyes: Bridging FEC to Signal Integrity on Tuesday, January 31.
  • PCIe 6.0 Rx Test Requirements – On Thursday, February 2, Anritsu’s Hiroshi Goto will give an overview on current requirements for PCIe 6.0 Rx calibration and testing.
  • USB4® Version 2.0 Tx and Rx Electrical Compliance – This February 2 session will provide an update on USB4 Version 2.0 electrical validation and compliance testing, associated test tools, and challenges in meeting USB-IF test program timelines.

Partnership Solutions

  • Anritsu, Tektronix and Synopsys® – In booth #727, Anritsu will participate in a PCIe 6.0 live demonstration with Tektronix, Inc. and Synopsys that will highlight automating PCIe 6.0 Base Tx/Rx testing at 64 GT/s.
  • Anritsu and SENKO – In booth # 1058 the two companies will demonstrate 100 Gbps (53 Gbaud) BER test and PAM4 eye pattern analysis.
  • Anritsu and Granite River Labs (GRL) – In booth #857 Anritsu and GRL will show an automated solution for high-speed serial bus receiver tests, such as PCIe, USB, Thunderbolt, and DP.

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