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On-Demand Webinars

Urgent Communications Webinar: How C-Band 5G rollout creates PIM Challenges for Public Safety Networks

3/15/2023 - 3/15/2023

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is a problem for every wireless network – commercial or private. With the rollout of 5G networks in the C-Band now underway, the issues of PIM have become imperative for the operators, contractors/sub-contractors, installers, wireless technicians, and RF engineers responsible for developing, building, and maintaining the next-generation public safety wireless network. It’s also an issue for commercial networks sharing the same crowded spectrum.

Safer Buildings Coalition Presents Tech Talk: RF Monitoring & Public Safety

11/17/2022 - 11/17/2022

In this webinar, we will explore a tool that allows public safety authorities to monitor the macro RF environment, identify changes, and better respond to negative impacts on their communication system.

What's New in T&M for What's Next

11/16/2022 - 11/16/2022

Join Anritsu's RF Handheld Product Marketing Manager, Wayne Wong, for the latest on test equipment enhancements and new solutions available covering multiple industry applications such as interference hunting, PIM hunting, spectrum analysis, and more.

RF Monitoring During Public Emergencies

11/2/2022 - 11/2/2022

In this webinar, you will learn how remote spectrum monitoring systems can be quickly set up to provide situational awareness of the RF environment during an emergency to activate located dead zones, jamming, rogue transmission, and interference.

The impact on measurement accuracy when adding coaxial adapters post-calibration

10/27/2022 - 10/27/2022

This webinar will cover the best practices for using coaxial adapters during the calibration process in the field.

400G Post FEC BER and Jitter Tolerance Test for Physical Layer Chip and Module

9/29/2022 - 9/29/2022

High-speed and large-capacity transmission standards using PAM4 signaling, such as 400 GbE, stipulate the use of Forward Error Correction (FEC) to assure transmission quality.

Interference Technology EMC LIVE Webinar: Managing Safety Concerns Arising From New Radio Transmitter Installations

9/20/2022 - 9/20/2022

Safety concerns relating to RF field strength close to radio transmitters have become a subject of concern to owners of RF spectrum.

5G/6G Device Characterization Made Easy: On-Wafer Measurements with Broadband Single Sweep VNA from 70KHz to 220GHz

9/15/2022 - 9/15/2022

More and more devices are coming up in the D band (110GHz to 170GHz), as well as higher bands are paving the path for future technologies like 6G and beyond.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea: 400G Test Scenarios

9/13/2022 - 9/13/2022

Test solutions for 400G can vary depending upon whether you are characterizing data center interconnect FEC margin, characterizing loss profiles of undersea cables, or measuring optical fidelity of a 400G ZR transceiver.

RF Monitoring in the Public Safety Band Webinar


The RF spectrum is an ever increasingly congested space and coverage both in-building and outdoors is being enhanced by amplifiers and repeaters.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), including Vehicle Networking and Connectivity Webinar


In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) combines the various subsystems within the automobile, delivering information to and from the driver and passengers from the sensors and ECU.

Signal Generator Phase Noise and Measuring ENOB of High-speed ADCs Webinar


This webinar discusses signal generator performance specifications important for evaluating ENOB of ADCs.

Microwaves & RF Webchat sponsored by Anritsu


Join Anritsu’s Arno Pettai, Sr. Field Applications Engineer in this short, informative webchat discussing how broadband VNA systems provide single sweep coverage from RF up through millimeter-wave frequencies.

PCIe® Technology in Advanced Automotive Designs


PCI Express® (PCIe®) technology has long met the bandwidth and reliability demands of traditional high-performance data center computing, which is why it is being leveraged by the automobile industry to deliver on their bandwidth, connectivity, and reliability requirements.

Automotive Testing 2G-6G: Challenges & Solutions


Join this webinar to learn about Automotive technology and testing in Telematics, Infotainment and ADAS, including 5G/cellular, server applications, connectivity, eCall, V2X, audio quality, cyber security and more, plus a brief overview of Anritsu’s new SmartStudio Automotive Suite (SSAS) for automated 5G and LTE throughput testing.

5G Introduction for BTS Reverse Logistics


Join this webinar for an overview of 5G landscape, spectrum status, technology evolution and architecture, 5G use cases, followed by a discussion of 5G BTS testing challenges and a review of BTS Reverse Logistics use cases.

New Developments in Bluetooth® Low Energy


This webinar will be a valuable opportunity to learn:

  • Developments in the evolution of Bluetooth and the benefits, including:
    • 2Mb Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Bluetooth Long Range
    • Angle-of-Arrival / Angle-of-Departure (AoA/AoE) for positioning data
    • Bluetooth Low Energy Audio
    • What’s next?
  • An understanding of the hardware specifications and software protocol stack
  • How to test Bluetooth devices

Latest Trends in IEEE 802.11ax/11be (Wi-Fi 6E/WLAN Standards)


Join this webinar to learn:

  • IEEE 802.11 Standards & Changes including AX and BE
  • IEEE 802.11 Feature Updates
  • Testing solutions and considerations for device development

5G Network Synchronization Field Testing Demo - Live Q&A Session


Anritsu & Somerset have partnered to answer your questions regarding the 5G Network Synchronization Field Testing Demo On-Demand Webinar. This is your opportunity to speak with subject matter experts.

Next Wave 5G Technology


With advanced new capabilities soon to be commercially introduced following completion of the 3GPP Release 16 standards, the 5G technology ecosystem is on the verge of a great leap forward in its ability to support advanced services such as IoT, private networks, URLLC and C-V2X. These new service types will define the next wave of 5G.

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