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IP News

Issue #8, October 2006  
IP News
Cable-IMS Integration May Take Some Time

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is considered by many to be an integral part of the convergence equation. However, since the origins of IMS are rooted in mobile communications, some believe that the integration of IMS into the cable world may take some time, according to an article in Cable Digital News.

While IMS is expected to be a key part of the cable industry’s PacketCable 2.0 spec, its move to the field may take years, according to experts quoted in the article. Planning for its integration, however, will be a key to its success. Other cornerstones of success for IMS, and other next-generation architectures, will be bandwidth management and quality of service (QoS), according to a just-released report by the Yankee Group.

It is in these areas in which Anritsu is helping many players in the IMS game. Specifically, NetClaw can be used by operators to test, troubleshoot, and optimize their networks, allowing for the effective rollout of new services while helping to ensure profitability. NetClaw provides a highly reliable and scalable solution architecture for both remote and local operation, so you can use NetClaw today for existing networks and upgrade as necessary as new technologies and services – including IMS – are deployed.

NetClaw is part of Anritsu's comprehensive suite of monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization solutions that also include Compass and MasterClaw. This allows you to easily and efficiently scale your monitoring and test solution from a small-scale installation to network-wide coverage using the same platform.

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