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Technical Partners

Contact these Value Added Partners for more information on products that will enhance your use of Anritsu's products

AWR Connected™ to Anritsu VectorStar

Anritsu's VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) uniquely combines design and measurement by including AWR's Microwave Office® design software as a standard feature within the instrument, as a separate application on your desktop.

You now have access to all of the design tools essential for high-frequency IC, PCB, and module design at your fingertips, right on your VNA, including:

  • Linear circuit simulators
  • Electromagnetic (EM) analysis tools
  • Integrated schematic and layout

The integration of high-frequency design tools within high-performance VNAs is the way of the future - but it's available today, only from Anritsu and AWR.

TRX Systems

TRX Systems provides indoor location technology for applications such as personnel tracking and signal mapping where GPS is unavailable such as inside buildings or underground. The NEON® Signal Mapper Application leverages key parts of TRX’s patented NEON Location Service including sensor fusion and mapping algorithms that enable real-time 3D location within buildings and other GPS-denied areas. The NEON Signal Mapper application simplifies and dramatically reduces the time required for indoor signal testing.  

NEON Signal Mapper provides many benefits including:

  • Eliminates the need to manually perform "check-ins" at each test point
  • Provides vastly more data than is possible with manual processes
  • Removes typical data recording errors caused by "guesstimating" locations
  • Delivers actionable data in areas not easily analyzed (stairways, elevators)
  • Enables quick analysis of signal coverage and faster problem resolution
  • Provides color-graded measurement results in 3D views

 The NEON Signal Mapper application provides, for the first time, an automatic indoor tracking technology that is specifically optimized for indoor test and measurement applications.  It is the ideal solution for professionals who conduct in-building testing of public safety and commercial networks, including public safety organizations, network operators, and indoor wireless network installers.