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Network Master Pro (400G Tester)

The portable B5-size Network Master Pro MT1040A for 400G has customized expandability with easy operation. Installing the OTDR measurement module supports optical fiber continuity tests.

Tester for Network Field Evaluations Including 400G Ethernet

The MT1040A supports networks ranging from 10M to 400G speeds.

Anritsu MT1040A 400G Ethernet Network

To assure and improve network quality, operators perform periodic equipment upgrades and maintenance, so they prefer measuring instruments with a variety of interfaces to help assure efficient work in the shortest time.

400G Ethernet Supporting 5G Mobile

The start of commercial 5G services marks the beginning of a new network paradigm. For example, new 5G services feature up to 100 times faster throughput than current LTE, offering more people, including smartphone users, simultaneous access to high-definition video content. Data and video comprise about 80% of today’s network traffic and these traffic levels are expected to increase in future based on 400G Ethernet technology.

With multiple protocols, the all-in-one Network Master Pro supports various network types.

  • Supported Interfaces
    • Ethernet: 10M/100M/1000M, 10G/25G/40G/100G, 400G
    • OTN/SDH/SONET: 2.5G/10G/40G/100G
    • Mobile back/fronthaul: eCPRI/RoE/CPRI/OBSAI
    • Fibre Channel: 1GFC to 16GFC

The full range of built-in versatile MT1040A functions make field testing easy.

*1: Optional depending national and regional rules - see approved list (which may change without prior warning)
*2: Regarding source program

MT1040A Network Test Solutions

The MT1040A supports various network interfaces, such as 10M to 400G Ethernet, OTN (OTU1 to OTU4), CPRI/OBSAI, etc. Recent network speed increases and diversification have increased the importance of on-site testing and network installation and maintenance. The test solutions supported by the MT1040A are introduced below.

400G Ethernet

Unlike previous Ethernet services, 400G uses the PAM4 and FEC technologies to provide high speed at low cost. The MT1040A transport measurement function supports various network interfaces, including 10M to 400G Ethernet, OTN (OTU1 to OTU4), CPRI/OBSAI, etc.

Efficient Network Commissioning, Installation and Maintenance

MT1040A 400G tester supporting FEC test

MT1040A 400G Tester Supporting FEC Test
MT1040A 400G Tester supporting FEC Test

Network Master Pro MT1000A/MT1040A Automated Test Solution

Network Master Pro MT1000A/MT1040A Automated Test Solution
Efficient On-Site Work with One-Button Setting to Reporting

Network Master Pro 400G Analyzer MT1040A

Network Master Pro 400G Analyzer MT1040A
Anritsu’s Network Master Pro MT1040A is ideal for evaluating 400G Ethernet networks on-site and at data centers.

Compact portable MT1040A 400G tester

Compact portable MT1040A 400G tester
Industry's Smallest Portable 400G Network Tester,Network Master Pro MT1040A.

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