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MT1000A/MT1100A/MT1040A Remote Scripting Operation Manual

MT1000A/MT1000A/MT1040A remote operation manual.

Operations Manual pdf 4.8 MB Version: 11.0 08/05/2023

MT1000A Transport Modules Operation Manual

This is the operation manual of the MT1000A Transport.

Operations Manual pdf 29.8 MB Version: 28.0 08/05/2023

MT1040A Transport Modules Operation Manual

This is the operation manual of the MT1040A Transport.

Operations Manual pdf 27.5 MB Version: 14.0 08/05/2023

MT1000A OTDR Modules Operation Manual

This is the operation manual of the MT1000A OTDR.

Operations Manual pdf 10.8 MB Version: 24.0 08/05/2023

5G Solutions Catalog 2023

Introduces Anritsu 5G solutions and products. Anritsu will contribute to customer's 5G product development and future innovation of network.

Brochure pdf 3.0 MB 12/04/2023

Network Installation and Maintenance Testing Instruments Solutions Brochure

This Solution Brochure showcases Optical Measuring Instruments, Transport and Ethernet Testing, Mobile Wiress Communication Measuring Instruments, Signal Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, VNAs, and RF Microwave products.

Brochure pdf 3.0 MB 29/03/2023

Automated Scenario Test for 400ZR Network

Recent increase in the construction of new data centers require the demand of work and training optimization from communications infrastructure operators and data center operators than ever. This case study introduces that using an automated test scenario makes 400ZR optical network deployment more efficient and cuts engineer training costs.

Articles pdf 2.1 MB 29/03/2023

Electronic Measuring Instruments Digest 2023

Anritsu Electronic Measuring Instruments Catalog of Condensed Version

Catalog pdf 2.4 MB Version: 2022 23/03/2023

Evaluating Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) Performance

Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) is a technology that mounts electronic devices such as Switch ASICs and optical devices on the same board. The CPO aims to achieve higher bandwidth while reducing power consumption and cooling costs. This document introduces three types of tests required for CPOs: electrical signals for Switch ASICs, optical signals for optical engines, and Ethernet signals for CPO Switches.

Application Note pdf 846.9 KB 27/02/2023

Layer 2 Control Plane (L2CP) Transparency Testing - Carrier Ethernet Network Service Activation

In the scenario to automate testing of the Layer 2 control protocols (L2CP), Network Master Pro MT1000A/MT1040A generates L2CP traffic with various Layer 2 protocols in carrier Ethernet network, measures the frame loss, and displays as easy-to-understand color-coded Pass/Fail icons.

Application Note pdf 2.1 MB 25/01/2023

Automated Scenario Tests for 400ZR Deployment

The use of 400GBASE-ZR (400ZR) automatic scenario is expected to facilitate efficient testing in deployment of data center interconnects. Network Master Pro MT1040A can check the network transmission performance, i.e., bit error rate (BER) and frame loss. Optical spectrum analyzer MS9740B can check the output power and frequency from a 400ZR transceiver.

Application Note pdf 1.2 MB 13/12/2022

Optical Transceiver (XCVR) Quick Check SEEK Scenario

The Optical-Transceiver Quick Check scenario is used for diagnosing standalone optical transceivers, such as the QSFP-DD, QSFP28, SFP28, etc., using the MT1000A/MT1040A. The key measurement items: Bit error measurements using optical-fiber loopback, Read-out and confirmation of status of optical transceiver internal registers, and, Measurement of FEC correction margin (400G only).

Application Note pdf 652.0 KB 13/12/2022

Automated Bit Error Rate (BER) Testing - Far End Loopback BER

The use of scenarios, that automates bit error rate (BER) testing, are expected to facilitate efficient testing in WDM networks using the Network Master Pro MT1000A/MT1040A. The BER testing scenarios are applied to Ethernet, SDH/SONET, OTN, and Fibre Channel standards.

Application Note pdf 1.0 MB 13/12/2022

Network Master Pro MT1040A

The Network Master Pro MT1040A is an all-in-one portable 400G measuring instrument with various integrated functions for finding faults in optical circuit and device including Ethernet, OTN, CPRI, etc., networks. The MT1040A is configured as a combination of various measurement modules. It is designed to support a combination of selected measurement modules and options with the main unit.

Configuration Guides pdf 3.4 MB 12/10/2022

Network Master Pro MT1040A

The portable MT1040A tester supports 400G Ethernet. This Data Sheet describes the MT1040A hardware specifications, including 400G Ethernet, as well as details of functions.

Datasheet pdf 2.0 MB 12/10/2022

Network Master Pro MT1040A

The all-in-one portable MT1040A tester for 400G Ethernet also supports up to 100G Ethernet and OTN networks. Installing the OTDR module enables optical-fiber continuity tests as well. This Catalog describes typical MT1040A use cases as well as ordering information.

Brochure pdf 5.2 MB 12/10/2022

Submarine Cable Test Solutions

Cross-border communications are expanding with construction of edge-computing sites and data centers. Securing the quality of submarine network cables, which facilitate high-capacity, high-speed and low-latency communications, is becoming more important. Submarine networks are being upgraded and many new landing stations are also being built to meet these requirements. This leaflet describes tests solutions for Submarine-Cable I&M.

Leaflet pdf 175.3 KB 08/03/2022

Open source licences

Open source licences

Operations Manual zip 333.4 KB Version: 04 22/02/2022

MX100003A Scenario Edit Environment Kit Operation Manual

This is manual of MX100003A MT1000A/MT1100A/MT1040A Scenario Edit Environment Kit.

Operations Manual pdf 3.6 MB Version: 4.0 22/02/2022

Data Center Interconnect What Must Test for 400G-ZR

This explains the challenges, use cases, and measurement examples for introducing 400G-ZR transceivers to datacenter interconnects (DCI).

Leaflet pdf 352.8 KB 10/02/2022

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Software of MT1040A. It supports operation with the following modules. MU104011A 100G Multirate Module MU104014A 400G(QSFP-DD) Multirate module MU104015A 400G(OSFP) Multirate module MU100010A 10G Multirate Module MU100011A 100G Multirate Module MU100020A OTDR Module MU100021A OTDR Module MU100022A OTDR Module MU100023A OTDR Module The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth. MD5 : 232D442C6976A935BC690EAF634C947C

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 1.6 GB Version: 12.09 08/05/2023

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software. MD5 : A2A12C6BF1389ABAB8F1AA49B49CFBD2

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 78.7 MB Version: 12.09 08/05/2023

Network Master Pro Release Notes

Release information for the latest version of MT1040A.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 216.0 KB Version: 12.09 08/05/2023

SEEK scenario for Optical Transceiver Simple Check

The files in the folder are as follows: MT1000A/xCVRQuickCheck.obcfg MT1040A/xCVRQuickCheck.obcfg MD5:f08a1fe4dd35dd2b3715b27ae785a77b

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 30.6 MB Version: v1.5 07/12/2022

SEEK Scenario for frame loss test

The files in the folder are as follows: EtherBER.obcfg FcBER.obcfg OtnBER.obcfg SdhSonetBER.obcfg MD5:f2d3ec91ac8e7ac3fcb359c5caa0d6d7

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 704.7 KB Version: v1.0 07/12/2022

SEEK Scenario for 400GBASE-ZR

The files in the folder are as follows: 400GZR.obcfg MD5:3406fb862e039343e07216df3f3ffe66

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 296.8 KB Version: v1.0 07/12/2022

MX100003A Scenario Edit Environment Kit

MX100003A Scenario Edit Environment Kit This software can create and edit a scenario file for MT1000A/MT1100A/MT1040A. MD5 : c798e3ac1bb05ae606eff9b56693aa62

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 67.8 MB Version: 22/02/2022

Network Master Pro Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide for Network Master Pro.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 958.3 KB Version: 4.0 30/08/2021

MT1000A OTDR Modules Quick Reference Guide

This is the quick reference guide of the MT1000A OTDR.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 2.1 MB Version: 8.0 04/06/2020

Sample Scenario for SEEK

This is a sample scenario package for MX100003A Scenario Edit Environment Kit. MD5 : a95ceaebca42ab1069adb64cbaadaaec

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 11.6 MB Version: 3.0 19/09/2017

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