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RF and Microwave Material Measurements: Techniques and Applications White Paper

Continual demand to accurately measure dielectric and magnetic properties of materials is a common need and is apparent in our every day lives. There is a need to quantitatively characterize material properties at RF and microwave frequencies. Learn more about the use of vector network analyzers (VNAs) as a flexible and versatile tool to accurately and quantitatively characterize material properties and showcase the broad applicability of the VNA as a tool to accurately do this at high frequencies.

White Paper pdf 1.2 MB Version: A 3/14/2018

Wideband Optical Modulator and Detector Characterization

Uncertainties and the Impact on Eye Diagrams/Time Domain Modeling

The characterization and measurement of E/O and O/E components at higher microwave frequencies has a different uncertainty distribution than at lower frequencies. A careful process can help minimize many of those categories. The individual uncertainty components have very different effects on final subsystem modeled time domain results, such as eye diagrams. Understanding that error propagation can be useful. In a practical example, optimizing the critical uncertainty components can lead to noticeably better eye behavior in the final model.

White Paper pdf 817.7 KB Version: B 2/6/2018

Understanding Cable & Antenna Analysis

The cable and antenna system plays a crucial role of the overall performance of a Base Station system. Degradations and failures in the antenna system may cause poor voice quality or dropped calls. From a carrier standpoint, this could eventually result in loss of revenue.

White Paper pdf 1.5 MB Version: F 10/24/2017

Impact of Reciprocal Path Loss on Uplink Power Control for LTE

This case study shows the impact of testing LTE PUCCH power control of the device under truly reciprocal channel conditions that factor the downlink and uplink variations.

White Paper pdf 672.3 KB 10/2/2017

Testing Drones – The Challenges & Smart Solutions

This white paper talks about the emergence of (nonmilitary) drones, with a focus on some of the challenges associated with testing drones and proposed solutions.

White Paper pdf 598.4 KB 10/2/2017

Classical and Wi-Fi Doppler Spectra – Comparison and Applicability

This white paper introduces and compares the classical (Jakes) and Wi-Fi (Bell) spectra and provides some much-needed guidance on the Doppler Spectrum to be used for mobile Wi-Fi devices.

White Paper pdf 499.1 KB 10/2/2017

Understanding LTE‐A HetNet Interference Mitigation Techniques

This white paper discusses the evolution from LTE to LTE-A, and the benefits and challenges this has brought about. It then talks about heterogeneous networks (HetNet), the interference challenges they create, and the interference mitigation techniques added in response.

White Paper pdf 817.0 KB 10/2/2017

Burst Detect

Burst detect is a sweep method that makes it easy to see short-duration, bursty signals, such as those emanating from an improperly installed cell phone booster. It can also show the envelope of a Wi-Fi signal – which is basically anything that occurs infrequently. A 1% duty cycle is enough to detect a bursty signal. As many as 20,000 measurements per second – thousands of times faster than a normal FFT – can be made with the Burst Detect method. The result is that users can see a 200 microsecond pulse every time, making it much easier to find burst signals.

White Paper pdf 1.9 MB Version: B 6/30/2017

Sequential Peeling: a Model-Based Approach to Structure Identification and De-embedding

Sequential peeling is a model/measurement-based method at network extraction for de-embedding. It uses isolatable phase responses of defects to create a lumped-element description of a structure (shunt, series, or cross-bar) that can be physically meaningful and useful in sequential de-embedding. The method works best when the significant reflections are electrically small and isolated and the overall loss of the fixture is not too great but there are corrections available to help with the loss element.

White Paper pdf 1.3 MB Version: A 6/6/2017

Scaling the Test Equipment Size to Match Millimeter Wave Test Needs

This white paper will discuss issues of transferring millimeter wave signals through coax cable within a test system and the benefits of improved measurement accuracy by reducing the size of the test equipment and using fewer interconnections.

White Paper pdf 1.7 MB Version: A 2/14/2017

Wireless Backhaul Challenging Large-Capacity and High-Speed Transfers

This white paper describes an overview of the wireless backhaul, its technology trend, and its measurement. It explains that the use of higher dimensional modulation, higher frequency and wider bandwidth in wireless backhaul might need new technical requirements and challenge for its transmitter and receiver.

White Paper pdf 1.1 MB 1/16/2017

Identifying Sources of External PIM

Identifying the location of external PIM sources has been an extremely difficult problem for mobile operators worldwide. With Anritsu’s PIM Hunter™, PIM Master™ and Spectrum Master™ products, operators finally have the tool set required to precisely identify external PIM sources. Once identified, a variety of PIM mitigation techniques can be deployed to reduce PIM levels and improve system performance.

White Paper pdf 2.3 MB Version: A 11/22/2016

Modern Architecture Advances Vector Network Analyzer Performance White Paper

This paper provides an overview of the high-frequency technology deployed in Anritsu's VNA families. It is shown that NLTL technology results in miniature VNA reflectometers that provide enhanced performance over broad frequency ranges, and reduced measurement complexity when compared with existing solutions. These capabilities, combined with the frequency-scalable nature of the reflectometers provide VNA users with a unique and compelling solution for their current and future high-frequency measurement needs.

White Paper pdf 2.1 MB Version: B 11/8/2016

A Guide to Making RF Measurements for Signal Integrity Applications

Higher data rates require accurate measurements to provide the confidence needed to achieve the desired performance. Measurement tools must help shorten design times and ensure stable signal integrity in mass production. VNAs play a key role in helping both the RF and signal integrity engineers meet the performance challenges of increasing data rates. This paper provides a review of signal integrity-based VNA measurements for digital engineers and correlated VNA measurements to key signal integrity parameters for RF engineers. For those needing to increase their current measurement performance, Anritsu offers a wide range of test equipment that is designed to meet both your budget and performance needs for either R&D or manufacturing.

White Paper pdf 2.5 MB Version: A 10/31/2016

Optimizing Your Millimeter-Wave Test Capability

This white paper discusses the challenges associated with millimeter-wave testing and how to optimize your Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) measurement capability to provide the confidence required to make performance/cost tradeoffs. View the online version

White Paper pdf 2.2 MB Version: B 10/10/2016

Measuring Channel Operating Margin

Channel Operating Margin, COM, has emerged at high data rates as a single measure of channel performance that includes the effects of both signal impairments and the techniques used to compensate for those impairments.

COM measures the performance margin of an interconnect, but it can also be used to examine the interoperability margin of a high speed serial system. Since COM includes the calculation of the ISI (inter-symbol interference) that remains after equalization and the effects of noise, jitter, and crosstalk, the derivation of COM itself can offer insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a design.

COM was developed for channel characterization in 100, 200, and 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) standards: IEEE 802.3bj and IEEE 802.3bs. It’s specified for both NRZ (non-return to zero) and PAM4 (4-level pulse amplitude modulation) standards and is derived nearly the same way in both cases.

White Paper pdf 2.8 MB Version: A 10/10/2016

PAM4 Demands Accurate S-parameters

In this paper we’ll see how PAM4 challenges signal integrity, test, and design engineers who are responsible for SERDES (serializer/deserializer) components, interconnects, backplanes, cables, connectors, circuits, and complete systems. The problems solved by PAM4 outweigh the problems it introduces, but PAM4’s increased complexity means that we must address a host of new issues.

This paper will help you understand how to use S-parameters (scattering parameters), how to think of channel response and crosstalk in terms of S-parameters, and where to look for problems that might be caused by inaccurate measurements of S-parameters. We’ll introduce the ins and outs of PAM4 in the next section.

White Paper pdf 1.1 MB Version: A 9/19/2016

Using Anritsu’s Handheld InterferenceHunter MA2700A

This paper covers how to use the MA2700A Handheld InterferenceHunter to locate interference through direction finding. The process of creating maps for the spectrum analyzer, selecting antennas and pre-filters, where to start looking for the interference, spectrum analyzer setup, taking bearings, and interpreting the results is explained. In addition, “last block” strategies for finding signals once we know we are close to the source is discussed.

White Paper pdf 465.8 KB Version: A 8/30/2016

The Impact of Return Loss on Base Station Coverage in Mobile Networks

Each operator has its own specifications for feed system performance and ultimately the crew doing the installation must meet the operator’s specifications. When site performance does not meet the specified requirements, it is up to the operator to determine whether an exception can be made or whether the specification is essential. The information contained in this paper is intended to help operators make this decision based on a stronger understanding of the coverage impact.

Anritsu offers a complete line of Cable and Antenna Analysis solutions with the Site Master™ product family from 1 MHz up to 40 GHz. In addition Anritsu also offers automations tools for measurement intensive sites like a DAS systems with easyTest Tools™ and SkyBridge Tools™.

White Paper pdf 1.0 MB Version: A 8/17/2016

In-building propagation measurements for the coming fifth-generation mobile communication technologies (5G)

Understanding in-building propagation will be important for the success of the coming 5G mobile communication technologies. Anritsu is a leader in mmWave measurement test equipment and offers both equipment and software to make it easy to measure in-building coverage of the new 5G spectrum.

White Paper pdf 13.5 MB Version: A 8/3/2016

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VectorStar Application Installation

This version of software (and any other software version 2.1.0 and later, including those of format V201x.x.x) requires installation of Bittware 8.33 on the VNA prior to installation of the VectorStar application. Installation of Bittware is only needed once and does not need to be reinstalled at every VectorStar application installation. Please refer to Appendix A in this document for details about Bittware versions and installation of this driver.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 106.7 KB Version: 2018.2.1 3/12/2018

MS4640B VectorStar Application (Software and DSP Firmware)

Unzip the downloaded file into a flash drive. Important: New software installation instructions are included. Please be sure to read the "VectorStar How To Install" document before installing.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 509.5 MB Version: 2018.2.1 3/12/2018

ShockLine VNA Software

Download the latest software for the ShockLine VNA family. This software works with the MS46121A/B, MS46122A/B, MS46322A/B, MS46522B and MS46524B Series ShockLine VNAs. Note: This installation may require your host to be re-booted to support updates to existing drivers. This installation will require the insertion of services and drivers to your host. Please turn off all Web and Host Virus Detection Applications before starting the installation. Upon completion of the installation turn on your virus Detection Applications to their previous state. For MS46122A using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10: Before installing the ShockLine software, please follow the procedure outlined in the manual driver.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 199.2 MB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

Software Release Note for the ShockLine VNAs

Software release note for the MS46121B, MS46122B, MS46322B, MS46522B, and MS46524B ShockLine family of Vector Network Analyzers.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 94.8 KB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

Release Note for IVI-C Driver

Release history for the IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 150.2 KB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

IVI-C Installation Files v2018.2.1

IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 69.2 MB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

Firmware Update for the Spectrum Master MS2720T

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 42.0 MB Version: 3.01 2/27/2018

Firmware Revision History for the MS2720T

Complete firmware release history for the MS2720T Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 242.2 KB Version: 3.01 2/27/2018

Software Update MT8852B Firmware version 5.00.009

MT8852B Firmware Version 5.00.009

MD5 : 4c2fc4ca68a88e916a5ce107c97f4d70

Drivers Software Downloads zip 4.4 MB Version: 5.00.009 2/22/2018

CombiTest MT8852B Plug-in Software Package v1.4 RC6

Plug-in Software Package v1.4 RC6 for Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B.

MD5 : 219d9acfb901e231d7bf5a83cb50d917

Drivers Software Downloads zip 2.3 MB Version: 1.4 RC6 2/22/2018

Network Master Pro/Flex Release Notes

Release information for the latest version of MT1000A/MT1100A

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 584.7 KB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018


Software of MT1000A.
Use it when NOT using the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A.
It supports operation with the following modules.

  • MU100010A 10G Multirate Module
  • MU100020A OTDR Module
  • MU100021A OTDR Module
  • MU100022A OTDR Module
  • MU100040A/B CPRI RF Module
  • MU100090A High-Accuracy GPS Disciplined Oscillator
The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth.

MD5 : 8230877f027e6c3cb728ae53975df663

Drivers Software Downloads zip 446.9 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

Software for MT1000A with MU100011A

Software of MT1000A.
Use it when using the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A.
It supports operation with the following modules.

  • MU100011A 100G Multirate Module
  • MU100010A 10G Multirate Module
  • MU100020A OTDR Module
  • MU100021A OTDR Module
  • MU100022A OTDR Module
  • MU100040A/B CPRI RF Module
  • MU100090A High-Accuracy GPS Disciplined Oscillator
The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth.

MD5 : c2c4b301765d0bb30ec290e4234732e1

Drivers Software Downloads zip 716.9 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : 40d5ce00b996790e0dc9489f8a21dc31

Drivers Software Downloads zip 65.2 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

MT1000A OTDR Modules Quick Reference Guide

This is the quick reference guide of the MT1000A OTDR.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 2.5 MB Version: 4.0 2/22/2018


Firmware and documents for MU909014A/A1/B/B1/15B/B1 are contained in the zip file.

MD5 : b1b15c21ffcd684a931f8e646f408440

Drivers Software Downloads zip 18.7 MB Version: 2.33 2/22/2018


Firmware and documents for MU909014C/C6/15A6/C/C6 are contained in the zip file. This program falls under the regulation of EAR. The ENC license exception is applicable.

MD5 : d1e91ef93a9654f34d2ef01b1ef2d3b7

Drivers Software Downloads zip 18.9 MB Version: 2.33 2/22/2018

Release Note V9.03 (Illustration)

This is the illustrated version of MT1000A/MT1100A release note. Some contents of release note are explained with figure.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 17.9 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

Software Update for the Spectrum Master MS2760A

This software update contains the latest upgrades for the Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 116.7 MB Version: 2018.2.1 2/14/2018

Software Revision History for the MS2760A

Complete software release history for the MS2760A Spectrum Master Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 279.0 KB Version: 2018.2.1 2/14/2018

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