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Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C platform covers a frequency range of 30 MHz to 3.8 GHz (3.8 GHz to 6.0 GHz). When the dedicated optional measurement software and hardware is installed, the major TX and RX characteristics of LTE/LTE-Advanced (DL 3CA with 2x2 MIMO, UL 2CA, etc...) W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA Evolution/DC-HSPA/4C-HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, CDMA2000 1X/1xEV-DO Rev. A,and TD-SCDMA/HSPA/HSDPA Evolution terminals can be measured using a single MT8821C unit.

Brochure pdf 2.9 MB 10/23/2017

Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A

The Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A is for measuring the RF TRx characteristics of WLAN IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac equipment. It uses standard WLAN protocol messaging in the Network Mode to measure test items, such as Tx power, modulation accuracy (EVM), Rx sensitivity (PER) etc., at connection with the device under test (DUT).

Brochure pdf 1.6 MB 10/16/2017

Mobile Interference Hunting System MX280007A Product Brochure

The Anritsu mobile interference hunting system automates the interference hunting process. Multiple measurements are automatically taken and processed using the MX280007A software. Using mapping software resident on a Windows laptop/tablet, an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer and an omnidirectional antenna, directions and voice prompts are provided in this system to guide the driver to the source of interference.

To learn more about the Mobile Interference Hunting System, download this product brochure now.

Brochure pdf 6.3 MB Version: F 10/11/2017

Signal Analyzer MS2830A-044/045

The Signal Analyzer MS2830A-044/045 includes a spectrum analyzer function with upper frequency limits of 26.5 GHz and 43 GHz. Combining it with the External Mixer MA2740C/MA2750C series supports measurements up to 325 GHz. Additionally, the excellent dynamic range and wide measurement span required for measuring wireless backhaul and automotive radar are supported by the High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2808A (60 to 90 GHz). It supports measurements of Tx characteristics, including adjacent channel leakage power, spectrum mask, and frequency counts, as well as spurious measurements.

Brochure pdf 3.9 MB 10/6/2017

Signal Analyzer MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A

The Signal Analyzer MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A (MS269xA) has the excellent general level accuracy, dynamic range and performance of a high-end spectrum analyzer.

Brochure pdf 5.0 MB 10/6/2017

Signal Analyzer MS2830A

The MS2830A is a high-speed, high-performance, cost-effective Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer. Not only can it capture wideband signals but FFT technology supports multifunction signal analyses in both the time and frequency domains.

Brochure pdf 4.6 MB 10/6/2017

Network Master Pro MT1000A - 10G/100G Multirate Module MU100010A / MU100011A

The introduction of transport module that can be mounted on MT1000A. The MU100010A and MU100011A provide functions and performance at speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps, and from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, respectively, for installing and maintaining communications networks.

Brochure pdf 4.8 MB 10/4/2017

Network Master Pro OTDR Module MU100020A / MU100021A / MU100022A

The MU100020A/MU100021A/MU100022A are OTDR modules for the MT1000A Network Master Pro platform, which incorporates an OTDR, light source, optical power meter, and visible light source into one set. In addition, simultaneous installment of the 10G/100G Multirate Module MU100010A/MU100011A supports OTDR/CPRI measurements in strong demand by the mobile fronthaul market.

Brochure pdf 4.0 MB 10/4/2017

Network Master Pro MT1000A

The Network Master Pro MT1000A is an all-in-one handy measuring instrument with various integrated functions for finding faults in optical fibers and for quality analysis of data carried over Ethernet, OTN, CPRI, etc., networks. Onsite measurements are made easy by the large 9-inch touch screen and convenient one-handed portability. Instrument operation and management are simplified by having all required I&M functions in one handy set.

Brochure pdf 5.2 MB 10/4/2017

Network Master Pro CPRI RF Module MT1000A/MU100040B

The MT1000A Network Master Pro is a handheld, battery-powered tester designed to facilitate the installation and maintenance of cellular networks. CPRI RF measurements are configured and displayed on the 9-inch color touch screen. The MU100040A CPRI RF module for the MT1000A Network Master Pro adds CPRI RF measurements to Anritsu’s transport and fiber test platform. The modular design of the MT1000A means that it can be configured just for CPRI measurements or combined with the 10G transport module and OTDR module to create the most comprehensive and versatile fiber and transport tester available.

Brochure pdf 9.0 MB Version: B 10/2/2017

ACE RNX Channel Emulator ACE-RNX

ACE RNX is a purpose-built easy-to-use network environment emulation platform for testing LTE-A HetNet and beyond, and it makes available the emulation of complex and advanced-mechanism basis environment (e.g. ICIC, eICIC, FeICIC, and NAICS) with industry’s best RF performance and Director 3, which provides innovative new tools for multi-link testing, inside the lab.

Brochure pdf 1.9 MB 10/2/2017

Spider SPI-100 series

Spider™ is an automated Static Channel Emulator featured modular, scalable, and cost-effective. The Spider™ provide controllable 4x4 MIMO links in a variety of topologies (Standalone, Star 2/3 node, Mesh) with complete RF isolation for a test under End-to-end connections between multiple devices. Typical application will be for LTE unlicensed, IoT (e.g. Drone), and 802.11ac with use cases such as mobility, handover, radio coexistence testing. In addition, users can create their own solutions using the Spider platform and the modules available in the Director-II test executive.

Brochure pdf 3.9 MB 10/2/2017

LTE-A HetNet Interference Mitigation

Poster of LTE-A HetNet Interference Mitigation.

Brochure pdf 1.7 MB 10/2/2017

Measurement Software MX2690xxA series / MX2830xxA series / MX2850xxA series

This is the brochure for the measurement software supported by Signal Analyzer MS269xA, MS2850A, MS2840A and MS2830A.

Brochure pdf 6.2 MB 9/27/2017

Test Download Record

This is a test download record for en copy-to function.

Brochure pdf 532.9 KB Version: A 9/27/2017

Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B

From Product Design, through Qualification and into Manufacturing.

Brochure pdf 1.5 MB 9/22/2017

MP1800A Series 32 Gbit/s Signal Integrity Test Solution (32G Multi-CH PPG/ED)

The growing demands of cloud computing and high-definition video streaming are driving increases in server and storagetransmission speeds as well as in the transmission capacity of core networks. To meet these needs, the transmission speedsof physical-layer devices and modules are increasing, making signal integrity analysis ever more important in assuring quality. Installing the 28/32G Multi-Channel PPG and ED Module supports PCBs with high-speed interconnects up to 32.1 Gbit/s, BERmeasurements for device R&D, and simultaneous measurement of crosstalk between multi-channels, for more accurate signalintegrity analysis.

Brochure pdf 6.6 MB 9/20/2017

Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A Series

The Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1800A series makes it the perfect solution for satisfying customers' bit-error rate measurement needs.

Brochure pdf 5.5 MB 9/20/2017

VectorStar 2 and 4 Port Millimeter-wave Vector Network Analyzer Quick Fact Sheet

The VectorStar ME7838A mm-wave system combines the MS4640B series VNA and 3739B test set to control 2 external mm-wave modules for measurement frequencies from 110 GHz to 750 GHz and higher in waveguide bands. The 3739B test set routes the internal RF and LO signals from VectorStar thus eliminating the need for external sources. If 4 ports are required, a SM6586 test set and the MN4697B 4 port test set with 2 additional modules can be attached. OML or VDI modules may be used.

Brochure pdf 490.5 KB Version: D 9/13/2017

VectorStar E and W band Millimeter-wave VNA System Quick Fact Sheet

The VectorStar E and W band millimeter-wave (mm-wave) system incorporates the high performance compact Anritsu mm-wave modules in an economical extended E or W band configuration.

Brochure pdf 532.9 KB Version: E 9/13/2017

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Mobile InterferenceHunter Software MX280007A Release History

This release history document provides the updates and enhancements in each version release of the Mobile InterferenceHunter Software MX280007A.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 257.5 KB Version: V2.02 12/1/2017

Firmware Update for the Site Master S820E

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions. Release History

Drivers Software Downloads exe 76.5 MB Version: 2.90 10/23/2017

Firmware Revision History for the S820E

Full firmware release history for the S820E Microwave Site Master.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 117.7 KB Version: 2.90 10/23/2017

PowerSuite Remote User Interface

PowerSuite is a demonstration program for the Anritsu ML24xxA Power Meters written in Visual Basic 6.0. It shows the many features available to you when using our Power Meter by using a PC as an interface to the device via a GPIB card or the RS232 Serial port.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 34.4 MB Version: A 10/19/2017

MS9740A Software

The files in the folder are as follows:
Software update files
Download manual
Release note
Operation Manual/v19.0
Remote Operation Manual/v11.0
SCPI Remote Operation Manual/v3.0
Labview Driver

MD5 : 4832f125d94a765639656595ac407932

Drivers Software Downloads zip 23.2 MB Version: 1.05.06 10/17/2017

Software Revision History for the S331P

Software release history for the S331P Site Master Ultraportable Cable and Antenna Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 67.6 KB Version: 2017.10.2 10/17/2017

Software Update for the Site Master S331P

This software update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see installation instructions.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 265.1 MB Version: 2017.10.2 10/17/2017

Software Revision History for the MS2760A

Complete software release history for the MS2760A Spectrum Master Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 262.8 KB Version: 2017.10.1 10/16/2017

Software Update for the Spectrum Master MS2760A

This software update contains the latest upgrades for the Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 113.3 MB Version: 2017.10.1 10/16/2017

IVI-C Installation Files V2017.9.1

IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software V2017.9.1.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 67.8 MB Version: 2017.9.1 10/4/2017

ShockLine VNA Software

Download the latest software for the ShockLine VNA family. This software works with the MS46121A/B, MS46122A/B, MS46322A/B, MS46522B and MS46524B Series ShockLine VNAs.

This installation may require your host to be re-booted to support updates to existing drivers.
This installation will require the insertion of services and drivers to your host. Please turn off all Web and Host Virus Detection Applications before starting the installation. Upon completion of the installation turn on your virus Detection Applications to their previous state.
For MS46122A using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10:
Before installing the ShockLine software, please follow the procedure outlined in the  manual driver

Drivers Software Downloads exe 178.9 MB Version: v2017.9.1 10/4/2017

Software Release Note for the ShockLine VNAs

Software release note for the MS46121B, MS46122B, MS46322B, MS46522B, and MS46524B ShockLine family of Vector Network Analyzers.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 81.9 KB Version: 2017.9.1 10/4/2017


Firmware and documents for MT9083x2 are contained in the zip file.

MD5 : 94868c8e8a57b8f59e1dde489705f9ed

Drivers Software Downloads zip 37.4 MB Version: 2.08 9/28/2017


The following Firmware and documents for MU909060A are contained in the zip file (v3.08a).
(MU909060A:v3.08, MX909060A:v3.08.02)

MD5 : 2d70f5f3e3a766dafdf020df6ca5715e

Drivers Software Downloads zip 63.8 MB Version: 3.08a 9/21/2017

Release Note V9.00 (Illustration)

This is the illustrated version of MT1000A/MT1100A release note. Some contents of release note are explained with figure.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 17.6 MB Version: 9.00 9/19/2017


Software of MT1000A.
Use it when NOT using the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A.
It supports operation with the following modules.

  • MU100010A 10G Multirate Module
  • MU100020A OTDR Module
  • MU100021A OTDR Module
  • MU100022A OTDR Module
  • MU100040A/B CPRI RF Module
  • MU100090A High-Accuracy GPS Disciplined Oscillator
The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth.

MD5 : 39cbc7a10b9d619063fd2112d80d7054

Drivers Software Downloads zip 453.1 MB Version: 9.00 9/19/2017


Software of MT1100A.

MD5 : b223d8a129b7653bfb7b9ba75dfddeba

Drivers Software Downloads zip 682.5 MB Version: 9.00 9/19/2017

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : dcb3d42cc2e3b5d558af43cf5c71a60f

Drivers Software Downloads zip 64.7 MB Version: 9.00 9/19/2017

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : dcb3d42cc2e3b5d558af43cf5c71a60f

Drivers Software Downloads zip 64.7 MB Version: 9.00 9/19/2017

Network Master Pro/Flex Release Notes

Release information for the latest version of MT1000A/MT1100A

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 560.0 KB Version: 9.00 9/19/2017

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