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Anritsu FAQs

What is "Log Mag Dual Overlay" function and its use on the VNA Master?
Log Mag Dual Overlay will display both S11 and S21 on the VNA Master screen simultaneously overlaid on the same set of graticules. You get no choice of how to look at them – Log Mag only. S21 is the yellow trace, measured against the left-side graph scale. S11 is the blue trace measured against the right-side graph scale. The sweep will alternately update S11 and S21. It can not sweep both s-parameters simultaneously.  When Log Mag Dual Overlay is active, the Scale hard key menu will add an extra soft key that will toggle between S21 and S11 scale modification.  The features were added for those of our customers who spend a lot of time tuning filters and duplexers, and want to be able to watch both traces while tuning.