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How do I adjust triggering in zero span for the MS272xB, MS271xB and MT8222A?

There are two adjustments you can make: trigger amplitude and trigger position (horizontal). To adjust trigger amplitude first select video triggering | Shift | Sweep | Trigger Type | Video | then adjust the trigger position by either directly entering the trigger amplitude in dBm, rotating the knob to change the position of the red horizontal trigger point indicator, using the up and down buttons to change the amplitude in 10 dB steps or using the left and right arrows to make changes in 1 dB steps. Adjust the horizontal position of the trigger point by pressing | Shift | Sweep | Trigger Type | Change Trigger Position | and turning the knob. Pressing any directional buttons to change the trigger position by 0.1% per click. Zero percent is the left edge of the screen and 100% is the right edge of the screen

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