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Anritsu FAQs

What is the memory (Internal Flash Memory and EEPROM) clearing procedure for MS2724B Spectrum Master?
To erase all the user information that is stored in Internal Flash Memory and EEPROM, a master reset needs to be done on the instrument. Below is the master reset procedure.: 1. Turn the MS2724B. 2. Press the Shift button then the 8/System button. 3. Press the System Options soft key. 4. Press the Reset soft key. 5. Press the Master Reset soft key. 6. A dialog box will be displayed on the instruments screen warning that all settings will be returned to factory default values and all user files will be deleted. 7. Press the ENTER button to complete the master reset. 8. After several seconds (which can grow to several minutes if there are a very large number of measurements saved in the instrument) the instrument will reboot.