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Anritsu FAQs

When I purchase a power meter sensor do I get a sensor cable with it? I noticed in your catalog that you have different power sensor cable part numbers.
Power meters include a sensor cable, and power sensors do not. The power meters are models ML2437A, ML2438A, ML2487B, ML2488B, ML2495A and ML2496A. The one input power meters (ML2437A, ML2487B and ML2495A) include one sensor cable, Anritsu part number 2000-1537-R. And the two input power meters (ML2438A, ML2488B and ML2496A) include two of the 2000-1537-R sensor cables. There are other available power sensor cables that can be purchased separately, they are: 2000-1536-R, 0.3 meter Sensor Cable 2000-1537-R, 1.5 meter Sensor Cable 2000-1538-R, 3 meter Sensor Cable 2000-1539-R, 5 meter Sensor Cable 2000-1540-R, 10 meter Sensor Cable 2000-1541-R, 30 meter Sensor Cable 2000-1542-R, 50 meter Sensor Cable 2000-1543-R, 100 meter Sensor Cable