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Anritsu FAQs

What is the difference between the MA24xxD model sensors and the older A and B models?
New D-series Model Power Sensors were introduced in early 2005 and they replace the previous A, B and C series Power Sensors. The EEPROM used in the older A, B and C series sensors (except for the MA2411A, MA2491A and MA2492A) has been discontinued by its manufacturer. The new D-series sensors use the same EEPROM as the MA2411A, MA2491A and MA2492A sensors and because of this have the same power meter software version requirements. The D-series Power Sensors are supported by the recent release of rev 3.10 power meter software from EMD. The D-series sensors contain an EEPROM which is not compatible with previous versions of ML2430A/ML2400A software. However, the D-series sensors are compatible with all versions of the ML2480A power meter software. All power meters shipped from EMD after November 14, 2004 contain version 3.10 and are fully compatible with the A/B/C and D series sensors. Customers who received new power meters shipped after November 14, 2004 will not have to load new power meter software before they use a D-series power sensor.