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Anritsu FAQs

What is stored in the EEPROM on the MA24xxX power sensors, and what type of EEPROM is it?
Anritsu manufactures several different families of sensors. All families have an EEPROM type of memory device in the power sensor. All A,B,C sensors (except MA2490/1 series,MA2411 series) contain a 64Kbit, 8K x 8 EEPROM All D sensors, MA2490/1, and MA2411 series sensors contain a 128Kbit,16K x 8 EEPROM EEPROM Contents: The EEPROM is used to store the following information: . Linearity data . Temperature Correction Coefficients . Sensor ID . Factory cal factor data . User cal factor table data Only the user cal factor table data can be erased without the functionality of the sensor being affected.