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Anritsu FAQs

How do you determine if my Site Master adapters are working properly?
1. You can use Site Master to verify your adapters. The User's Guides of all of our Site Masters have a procedure for Return Loss Measurements. 2. When you measure the return loss of your adapter after an Open Short Load (OSL) calibration, please pay attention to the frequency range of the termination (load) used. For example, 7/16 load works to 8 GHz, SM/PL works to 4 GHz, 28N50-2 works to 18 GHz. 3. Adding another adapter between the adapter under test and the load will degrade the measurement of the return loss of the adapter under test. Plus if one adapter is really bad, you won't know which one is the culprit. 4. Perform the OSL calibration at the Site Master test port. The OSL calibration needs to be performed at the same place you will be connecting the adapter to be tested. Then attach an appropriate load. You are now measuring the return loss of the adapter. 5. Ultimately you have to have known good terminations and a known good Site Master to be able to perform these measurements. If you have more than one unknown, then it becomes very difficult to tell where the problem is. Anritsu offers calibration services for Site Master and also for the loads as well as some of the adapters. If you still are having problems, please consider sending your equipment in for calibration.