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Protocol Monitor Software for 1xRTT

This product has been discontinued

The MX880160A Protocol Monitor is a powerful analysis tool for monitoring Layer 2 and 3 protocol traffic between cdma2000 1xRTT mobile stations and Anritsu 1xRTT Radio Communication Analyzers.  This software runs on a PC under the Microsoft WindowsR 98, 2000, or XP operating systems and is available as an option to the 1xRTT equipped MT8801C, MT8801C1, or MT8802A Radio Communication Analyzers.  It may also be used as a stand-alone tool to analyze previously logged files. This useful tool decodes complex 1xRTT messages automatically and allows the user to view messages unpacked and decoded or in their raw packed state.  The Protocol Monitor is exceptionally useful for software development or troubleshooting for any cdma2000 1xRTT mobile station project. Development cycles and time to market can be minimized with this practical and easy-to-use tool.  Message files can be viewed in real time or stored and analyzed later.  Optional connection to a Radio Communication Analyzer is made via the Ethernet ports on the PC and analyzer.  Messages can be monitored or logged from Ethernet-connected analyzers from any PC connected to the LAN or from anywhere via the Internet.  This is an indispensable tool for rapid identification of problems with protocol implementations, message sequence numbering, message formatting, message flow, and race conditions.

  • New in v1.1!  Time Stamping and Hierarchical Tree Viewing options have been added
  • Monitors CDMA2000 1xRTT protocol messages between communication analyzer and 1xRTT mobile phone
  • Decodes complex CDMA2000 messages automatically
  • Protocol message files may be viewed in real time or stored and analyzed later
  • Identifies and flags invalid messages
  • Fast searching for message types and message content
  • Remote protocol monitoring over LAN or Internet via TCP/IP connection