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Expert Analysis Powered by Sniffer Technologies

This product has been discontinued

The MD1230 Family of Ethernet/IP test systems makes it possible to generate and capture wire speed traffic on a wide range of physical interfaces supporting Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) topologies such as Ethernet, Packet over SONET/SDH (PoS), and Ethernet over SONET/SDH (EoS). These products include the MD1230B Data Quality Analyzer, MD1231A1 IP Network Analyzer, and MT7407A Multislot Chassis.

MX123002A is a software option to any of the MD1230 Family testers that provides powerful Expert Analysis capabilities. This function is an advanced and sophisticated feature that automatically locates and troubleshoots problems on any network and recommends corrective actions. Over 250 symptoms and diagnoses are supported. With the MX123002A Expert Analysis software and the MD1230 Family testers, network administrators and technicians now have the simplest and most powerful way to locate and resolve network problems.

The MX1230002A Expert Analysis software operates on data captured at wire speed up to 10 Gbps simultaneously on every physical interface installed in a MD1230 Family test system.

  • Same look and feel as familiar Sniffer Technologies software
  • Measures network traffic against pre-set benchmarks or error thresholds so you can identify problems before they begin to impact the network
  • Over 250 Sniffer expert symptoms and diagnoses provided in plain English make it easy to solve the toughest network problems
  • Context-sensitive expert help facility explains each symptom and diagnosis and offers possible causes
  • Software maintenance provided by Anritsu you the most cost-efficient way to obtain software upgrade and updates

  • Enterprise network administrators who need to maintain IP-based networks
  • Service providers (2nd/3rd Tier network technicians and engineers) who need to troubleshoot and maintain networks
  • Manufacturers working on protocol and/or network design