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Card OTDR MW9087B/D

Card OTDR MW9087B/D

This product has been discontinued

The MW9087 series card OTDRs provide world-class OTDR performance for your fiber monitoring needs. Whether it's traditional long distance core networks or PON-based access networks, your needs are covered. With up to 50dB, high resolution and ultra-fast data acquisition, the MW9087 series ensures you have the best optical performance for your monitoring needs.

Models are also available with the ITU-T recommended 1650nm out-of-band wavelength for live fiber monitoring.

  • Compact size for easy RFTS system integration
  • Ultra-high performance for PON monitoring up to 1 × 128
  • High resolution and high dynamic range ensure quick and through fiber evaluation
  • High speed data transfer via 100BASE-T Ethernet
  • ITU-T recommended 1650nm with integrated filter for live fiber monitoring applications

MW9087 series Card OTDR lineup

Model No. Wavelength Dynamic range Dead zone
Dead zone
(Back scatter)
 MW9087B  1645 to 1655 nm  41 dB  ≤0.5 m  ≤6.5 m
 MW9087D  1550 ±25nm  50 dB  ≤1.0 m  ≤4.3 m