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Multislot Chassis

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MP1591A


The MT7407A is the multislot chassis member of the MD1230 Family of Ethernet/IP network data analyzers with the dual functionality of wire speed performance analysis and network monitoring integrated into the same instrument. Its intuitive Windows-based GUI and modular architecture make the MT7407A a versatile and an easy-to-use solution for all network testing environments ranging from R&D and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. The MD1230B and MD1231A1are smaller portable testers with similar capabilities.

The MT7407A chassis has 14 slots in which any of the various interface modules described in "Features" below can be field installed. Multiple MT7407A units can be synchronously daisy chained to increase the port density. Windows-based GUI software is available to allow multiple simultaneous users to remotely control the MT7407A units from an external PC via a 10/100 Mb Ethernet IP connection, using exactly the same GUI that appears on the MD1230B or MD1231A1 screens.

The MT7407A offers a number of performance analysis features for Engineering, Conformance, Functional, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance testing of routers, switches, SONET/SDH equipment, and other network devices during R&D and manufacturing as well as interoperability testing and comparative analysis during lab evaluation. A very sophisticated yet simple to use stream editor enables the user to construct complex data flows that can be transmitted at full wire speed (even at 10 Gbps). It supports & two types of QoS settings for verification of QoS mechanisms. In addition, automatic benchmarking test suites for network performance analysis defined by IETF in RFC2544 and RFC2889 are fully integrated into the MT7407A, enabling simple and efficient testing with the press of a single button.

The MT7407A network monitor has a live in-service capture function with uniquely large per-port buffers. This powerful capture function is very useful for troubleshooting network faults. Captured frames can be searched based on specific conditions and desired frames can be selected and displayed. Multiple protocols can be decoded and displayed for captured frames up to full wire speed at 10 Gbps, augmented by the optional Decode Module and Expert Analysis Module powered by Sniffer Technologies. Using an optional GPS function, the MT7407A can perform time synchronization with remotely located units and measure frame latency over long distances. This feature is extremely helpful for maintenance where services are guaranteed for VPN latency.

Key application areas include:

  • SONET/SDH and DWDM equipment analysis, including new Ethernet over SONET and GFP protocol testing.
  • Service providers installing and troubleshooting new Ethernet or SONET/SDH services.
  • Networking consulting companies, service companies, outsourced network management companies, and system integrators installing, supporting, and troubleshooting their customers' Ethernet or SONET/SDH networks.
  • End users (universities, research labs, large enterprises, government facilities) supporting and troubleshooting their own internal Ethernet networks.
  • Voice and Video over IP analysis, testing end-to-end latency and jitter, measuing network performance, and solving VoIP problems using high-level protocol analysis.
  • Ethernet chip and transceiver testing at 1 and 10 Gbps, including BER tests, XAUI and XENPAK testing, and GBIC testing.

  • Supports data rates from 10/100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, all in one modular chassis: 
    • Ethernet interfaces - 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T/SX,/LX,/LH/ZX, 10 GbE
    • PoS interfaces - 155/622 Mb (1310nm), 2.5G (1310nm), 2.5G (1550nm), 10G (1310nm), 10G (1550nm)
    • EoS (Ethernet over SONET/SDH) interfaces - 2.5G (1310nm), 2.5G (1550nm)
    • Any combination of interface modules operate simultaneously within the same chassis
    • Field installable modules and hot-swappable GBICs
  • Familiar and user-friendly Windows-based operating interface on one or more remote control PCs that enables quicker learning and less-skilled
  • Transmits, monitors, counts, and decodes many high-level IP protocols, providing Voice over IP (VoIP) test and troubleshooting capabilities and helping solve sophisticated protocol-related network problems that simpler physical layer testers cannot analyze at all
  • Optional Decode Module and Expert Analysis Module powered by Sniffer Technologies provide much faster and easier troubleshooting with 400+ protocol decodes and expert network problem analysis up to OSI Layer 7
  • Unique pass-through (in-service) Ethernet and SONET/SDH monitoring and protocol analysis at full wire speed
  • Unique one-button network device performance testing based on the RFC2544 and RFC2889 standards allows users to evaluate routers and switches before making new purchases or installing software upgrades
  • Strong MPLS and IPv6 traffic generation and test capabilites meet requirements for next-generation networks
  • Worldwide end-to-end network latency measurements with 1 usec. precision provide important capabilities for analyzing and troubleshooting IP voice and video networks and network devices
  • Uniquely powerful and flexible filter and trigger conditions
  • Generation of up to 256 data streams per port at full wire rate
  • Protocol Emulation functions - PPP, ARP, ICMPv4, IGMP, BGP4, OSFP, MPLS, and others
  • Error/Alarm generation and analysis in SONET/SDH testing
  • APS Switching, Pointer Generation, Pointer Sequence Testing
  • QoS Performance Testing
  • Real time measurement of in-service traffic, Traffic Monitoring, and Traffic Mapping