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ShockLine 4-port Vector Network Analyzer   MS46524A

ShockLine™ 4-port Vector Network Analyzer

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MS46524B
  • Ideal for testing passive multiport and differential devices including signal testing on PCBs
  • Fast sweep speed and wide dynamic range minimize test times and maximize throughput
  • Excellent corrected directivity allows for less measurement uncertainty
  • Time domain with time gating option grants easier and faster fault identification
  • The LAN interface for remote control is more robust than USB and faster than GPIB
  • A common GUI and SCPI interface within the ShockLine™ family
  • USB ports allow for easy connection to user-provided monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • The small 2U packages allows for the efficient use of rack space

The MS46524A is a family of 4-port RF ShockLine™ Vector Network Analyzers with frequency range from 50 kHz to 4.5/8.5 GHz.

The MS46524A are a low cost, 4-port VNAs packaged in a compact and rugged 2U chassis capable of measuring 16 single-ended and mixed-mode S-parameters. Additionally, time domain measurements are available as an option for simple signal integrity testing on high-speed digital boards. With 77 microseconds per point sweep speed, and better than 110 dB dynamic range, these VNAs are ideal for testing passive multiport and differential devices to 8.5 GHz.ShockLine™ VNAs integrate easily into rack-mount test systems due to small size and remote programmability. They support SCPI command programming and software drivers for the most common programming environments. The whole family uses industry standard LAN communications for remote control. ShockLine™ VNAs provide a powerful graphical user interface for manual testing of devices. The full-featured user interface is enabled by attaching a (user-supplied) touchscreen monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


Differential Devices

  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • PCBs


  • UE – micro coaxial RF connectors
  • UE – Antennas, switches, diplexers

General Purpose

  • Passive Multi-Port Component Testing
     – Switches
     – Couplers
     – Filters/Duplexer/Diplexer
     – Isolators
     – Circulators

System Integration Applications

  • System calibration
  • Differential Path-loss Characterization
  • General multi-port s-parameters and time domain measurements

Frequency Options (select one frequency option only)

MS46524A-00450 kHz — 4.5 GHz
MS46524A-01050 kHz — 8.5 GHz

Other Options

MS46524A-001Rack Mount, adds handles and removes feet for shelf-mounting into a 19 in universal rack
MS46524A-002Time Domain with Time Gating
MS46524A-005Handler Interface