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OTN/10G/FEC Wideband E/O, O/E Converter

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MP1590B


Optical Systems and Modules Testing at OTN G.709, FEC and 10 Gb/s Standard Telecom Rates with 80MHz Bandwidth?

The MP9677B is a combined E/O and O/E converter in the world that has 80MHz clock recovery bandwidth required for accurate jitter measurement at 10 Gb/s, as specified in the ITU-T O.172 standard. Three separate Clock Recovery Units are now available to support the standard 9.953 Gb/s, commonly used 10.664 Gb/s FEC and the latest OTN 10.709 Gb/s rates. All of these CRUs are interchangeable and field installable which makes the MP9677B a cost-efficient converter when you need any or all for your application. A bandwidth selector is available on the CRUs which are used to switch the recovered clock to change to either in "Wide" or "Narrow" bandwidth mode depending on the type of measurement you need to perform: (1) Jitter or (2) BER measurement.

Additionally, the MP9677B has an external optical input (MP9677B*01) option that is available for external optical signals. An external TLS can be connected to this input for WDM measurements. A variety of optical interfaces are available for optical input and output signals such as: FC, SC, ST, DIN and HMS-10/A. The MP9677B can be used with your popular Anritsu's 12.5 Gb/s (MP1763 / MP1764 series) BERTS or the MP1570A/A1 SONET/SDH and the MP1777A Jitter Analyzers to provide a complete and true OC-192/STM-64 jitter measurement solution that 100% complies with the ITU-T O.172 standard.

As the OTN development is underway, the addition of the new MU967703A Clock Recovery Unit enables the MP9677B to evaluate OTN systems at 10.709 Gb/s FEC (Digital Wrapper) rate for OTU-2 per ITU-T G.709 OTN (Optical Transport Network). OTN jitter characteristics can also be measured when MP9677B is used in combination with the MP1777A Jitter Test Solution. You can now dramatically accelerate your OTN development with the Anritsu's test solutions and enter quickly to the market.

  • Separate Clock Recovery Units to support standard 9.953G, 10.664G FEC and OTN 10.709G rates
  • Can be used as a standalone converter for BER measurements in general-purpose applications
  • External light source input (option) for TLS connection
  • 80MHz bandwidth ready for jitter evaluation at 10Gb/s and beyond
  • Bandwidth selector for Jitter and BER measurement
  • BER and various jitter measurements at 9.953 Gb/s of SONET/SDH networks, systems or components when combined with the MP1570A/A1 SONET/SDH and the MP1777A Jitter Analyzer
  • Jitter Tolerance, Jitter Transfer, Output Jitter, and BER at 10.66423 Gb/s optical interface when combined with the 12.5 Gb/s (MP1763 / MP1764 series) BERTs and the MP1777A  Jitter Analyzer
  • Jitter and BER measurements at FEC (10.664 Gb/s) rate for Undersea or Submarine Cable system and component testing when used with 12.5 Gb/s (MP1763/ MP1764 series) BERTs and the MP1777A Jitter Analyzer
  • OTN (per G.709 OTU-2) system and module testing at 10.709 Gb/s with the MU967703A Unit
  • Automatic Jitter Tolerance, Jitter Transfer & Jitter Sweep Measurement
  • Perfect for testing high-speed Clock Recovery Modules, TDM, WDM, SONET/SDH, Submarine Transmission and OTN systems