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Bit Error Rate Tester

This product has been discontinued
  • PN9/15/23 stage and ALL 0 / 1, 1010 can be found by sending
  • As measured interface NRZ, DVB-SPI, DVB-ASI standard
  • DVB I / F with a choice of locations in the data packet error rate measurement
  • Errors can be measured by inserting

MP8931A Bit Error Rate Tester is the only digital broadcast I / F is a DVB-ASI, DVB-SPI and conventional NRZ I / F with a bit error measurement.

Test interface  NRZ, DVB-SPI, DVB-ASI 
Remote control interface  GBIB、RS-232C
Internal clock frecuency  1 kHz~155 MHz
External clock frquency  1 kHz~155 MHz, TTL/ECL, 75Ω/1MΩ
Dispatched measured pattern  PN9, PN9_INV, PN15, PN15_INV, PN23, PN23_INV,ALL"0", ALL"1", "1010"
Error insertion  No, manual insertion sequence(10-3,10-4,10-5,10-6,10-7)
Bits set measurement time  Test time (0~59seconds, 0~59minutes, 0~999hours)
  Test bits (103~1015)、manual
AUTOSYNC (Out of work time)   ON (remeasurement after resynchronization)、
  OFF (without re-synchronization, continuous measurement)
DVB packet interface type   ①204 : (1)+187+(16) packets
  ②188 : (1)+187 packets
  ③204 : (1+3)+184+(16) packets
  ④188 : (1+3)+184 packets
  ⑤204 : (1)+203 packets
  ⑥204 : (1+3)+200 packets
Throughput settings   1 MHz~27 MHz