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48G (4x1) Multiplexer

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MP1821A

High Performance 4x1 Multiplexer Supports Super FEC Rates up to 48 Gb/s

The MP1811 is the industry's best performance 4x1 multiplexer that produces extremely high quality waveform even at 48G. With the capability of multiplexing 4 parallel data input signals each running at a maximum of 12 Gb/s, this MUX unit outputs a serial data of up to 48 Gb/s. The MP1811A can be used in conjunction with any of the Anritsu's 4-channel Pulse Pattern Generators (MP1758A or MP1775A) for the generation of a single multiplexed serial signal.  

Testing of EA modulators have now become easy with the optional 2.6V data output function that allows driving of the modulators directly. Additionally, cross-point of the data eye-pattern can also be adjusted flexibly which is vital for testing these modulators. Innovation is built into the MP1811A multiplexer providing excellent waveform quality with low jitter and low distortion that is essential for testing signals at ultra-high data rates.

The MP1811A features front panel keys, digital display and GPIB remote control for easy operation while its compact size saves on test lab space. The MP1811A is an integral part of the Anritsu's 48G BER Test System (ME7780A) which is perfect for accurate evaluation and verification of long-haul, extended long-haul and ultra-long-haul transmission systems, sub-systems, MUX/DEMUX devices and components beyond 40 Gb/s covering FEC, Non-FEC and Super FEC rates up to 48 Gb/s.

  • 4x1 multiplexing capability up to 48 Gb/s
  • 4-channel parallel input for data signals up to 12 Gb/s per input
  • Unique 1/1 clock output
  • ¼ speed clock output that can be used as a clock signal source to the Pulse Pattern Generators
  • High-resolution independent Clock Delay adjustment functions for both clock outputs
  • Standard digital display function of Voltage Threshold and Phase Delay counter
  • Data and Inverted Data output with 2Vp-p amplitude
  • Variable amplitude 2.6V data output with Cross-Point adjustment function (optional)
  • Compliments both MP1758A or MP1775A 4-channel Pulse Pattern Generators
  • Wide range of frequency support for MUX/DEMUX and BER testing when integrated in Anritsu's ME7780A 48G BER Test System
  • Optical systems, modules and device testing at 40 Gb/s with Anritsu 40G E/O and O/E converters
  • Small, compact size with front panel operation and standard GPIB remote control capability