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Optical Channel Selector

MN9662A, MN9664A, MN9672A, MN9674A
This product has been discontinued

The MN9662A/9664A/9672A/9674A are channel selectors for switching optical signals from the common channel(s) to a selected output channel. GPIB and RS-232C interfaces are provided as standard equipment, and the selector can also be controlled by the MT9810B Optical Test Set or the MW9076 Series OTDR. These functions are available to construct an automatic measurement system.

The selector is ideal for R&D and quality evaluation of transmission equipment and devices using EDFAs, such as trunk optical trans-mission systems, optical CATV analog transmission systems, WDM transmission systems, etc. Various models are available with one or two common channels and eight or sixteen output channels.

  • Low polarisation-dependent Loss (0.03 dBp-p: MN9662A/9664A)
  • Cleanable and replaceable optical adapters (FC, SC, ST, DIN, HMS-10/A)