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Optical Directional Coupler

This product has been discontinued

The MN9604C is used in combination with stabilized light source and optical power meter to measure optical return loss of optical connectors at approximately 50 dB.

Compatible fiberSM (10/125 m, NA 0.1)
Wavelength range1.25 to 1.65 m
Insertion loss<5.5 dB (1.31/1.55 m: <5.0 dB, between ports A to B and ports A to C)
Loss difference between ports<2.2 dB (1.31/1.55 ?m: <1.5 dB, between ports A to B and ports A to C)
Insertion loss polarization dependency<0.15 dB (Wavelength: 1.31/1.55 m)
Crosstalk attenuation>54 dB (Wavelength: 1.31/1.55 m. When using the connector with return loss of >53 dB)
Optical connectorFC, SC, ST, DIN, HMS-10/A
Ambient temperature, rated range of use0 to +50C
Storage temperature-40 to +71C
Dimensions and mass110 (W) x 52 (H) x 121 (D) mm, ≤500 g