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Pulse Power Meter ML2496A

Pulse Power Meter

  • 8 ns Typical Rise Time with MA2411B Pulse Sensor
  • 65 MHz Bandwidth
  • 50 ns Minimum Display Time
  • 1 ns Settable Time Resolution
  • 10 MHz PRF Trigger
  • External Video Connection
  • Single or dual display channel operation
  • Wireless and Radar Presets
  • Multiple Measurement Gates and Markers for measuring peak power
  • Advanced Marker Features
  • High Accuracy CW Mode
  • Control Interfaces

High resolution wide bandwidth power meter and sensor for radar, 3G, and 4G wireless applications.
The Peak Power Meter ML2496A has been designed for high-resolution measurements on radar and the latest 3G and 4G wireless systems, including next-generation systems based on complex new modulation technologies such as OFDM. The ML2496A has the highest bandwidth and highest resolution in rising edge pulse measurements. A combination of an advanced sampling system and measurement features provides precise and accurate details on the transmitter's power envelope. High-quality CW measurement ability compatible with a wide range of sensors adds to the uniqueness by making it universal, with all-purpose flexibility.

PowerMax™ is a free graphical user-interface software, for both the ML248xB (with firmware version 2.30 or later) and ML249xA Power Meter series (with firmware 2.20.001 or greater). It provides an enhanced visualization of instrument display and simplified remote control of the instrument. It runs on a standard PC running Windows XP, 2000, or 7, and communicates with the power meter via Ethernet interface (10/100BaseT) allowing remote control direct from a PC or Local/Wide-area network using Dynamic (Auto) or Static IP assignment.