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W-CDMA RRM Test System ME7874F

W-CDMA RRM Test System

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : ME7873LA
  • Supports RF conformance test for W-CDMA wireless devices
  • Supports most global bands
  • Supports the largest number of GCF/PTCRB approved test cases including Rel-7 WI-113 and Rel-8 WI-129
  • Highly stable and accurate measurements
  • Easy-to-Operate Tests

The ME7873F/ME7874F test platform supports the most GCF/PTCRB-approved TS34.121 RF conformance test cases in the world. Various tests with W-CDMA wireless device in loopback status, as well as no-call testing, are supported by configuring a system from various instruments and dedicated software centered on the MD8480C W-CDMA Signalling Tester. Moreover, the all-in-one design supports conformance tests of all 10 UMTS bands (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII, IX, XI, and XIX) used worldwide.

The ME7874F RRM Test System supports measurements described in Chapter 8 (Requirements for support of RRM) of the 3GPP TS34.121 standard.

Anritsu supports High-Speed HSUPA/HSDPA/HSPA Evolution tests including WI-069 HSPA-64QAM for HSDPA, WI-070 HSPA-CPC, WI-113 Type 3, and WI-129 DC-HSDPA.