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Signaling Tester

This product has been discontinued


The MD1620B has all functions which are necessary for operation tests and function tests of mobile stations for PDC system for a 800 MHz band (1.5 GHz band: Option 01). It has an air-interface based on RCR STD-27C and works as a simulator for the base station.

The MD1620B can test sequences, such as standby, location registration, call initiated/call present, channel handover, disconnection by the network end, and disconnection by the mobile station. It also provides many measurement and test functions, such as time alignment and handover time measuring function, real-time display of information reported from the mobile station during communications with the base station, and controls to the mobile station. The MD1620B is the best choice for connection tests at the last stage of production lines and for function tests at the development stage.

With the MS8604A Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester and the MG3670B/C, MG3671A/B, and MG3660A Digital Modulation Signal Generator, measuring systems for digital cellular systems can be easily constructed.

  • Can set parameters and sequences used for sequence tests
  • Can test layer 3 semi normal sequences
  • Can do real-time measurements of time alignment and handover time
  • Can easily create digital cellular measuring systems
  • Provides easy-to-use operation system by windows and menu selections