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28 Gbit/s Band Ultrafast Interconnect Evaluation



  • BER Test for Back Plane  →  2ch simultaneous testing
  • Jitter Tolerance Test for SERDES  →  2tone-SJ/RJ/BUJ/SSC Jitter Tolerance
  • Compensate for PCB Trace Losses  →  Emphasis generation
  • Crosstalk Effect Check  →  Timing control and Skew control between channels


Multi-channel BER Measurement

Along with support for multi-channels, the bit rate of devices such as back planes of high-performance servers is becoming increasingly faster. The MP1800A offers both high cost-performance and shorter measurement times with simultaneous multi-channel measurements for TRx devices, multi-channel Clock Data Recovery (CDR), etc.


Jitter Tolerance Test

The MU181500B Jitter Modulation Source supports jitter tolerance tests of various standards because it can add SJ (two types), RJ, BUJ, and SSC simultaneously at up to 32.1 Gbit/s.

Skew and Crosstalk Effect Check

Processing high speed digital signals requires both logic tests and actual equipment tests. The MP1800A supports both pattern synchronization and phase adjustment functions, permitting easy tests of Rx device skew tolerance and crosstalk effects.

Verifying Emphasis Effect

The MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis is a 4 taps pre-emphasis converter for bit rates up to 28.1 Gbit/s; it supports easy changes to the pre-Emphasis waveform amplitude, offset, amplitude of each taps, etc., for effective evaluation of the characteristics of high-speed interfaces below 10 Gbit/s, such as PCIe, USB, and Backplane Ethernet requiring pre-emphasis signals, as well as Infiniband 26G-IB-EDR, CEI-28G-VSR, etc., in the 25/28 Gbit/s band.






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Application Note
Signal Integrity Analysis of 28 Gbit/s High-Speed Digital Signal
Ideal Pre-Emphasis Constant Setting

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