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Spectrum Master

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MS2720T

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The Spectrum Master MS2722C is a synthesizer‑based handheld spectrum analyzer that provides quick and accurate measurement results. Measurements can be easily made by using the main instrument functions: frequency, span, amplitude, and bandwidth. Dedicated keys for common functions and a familiar calculator‑type keypad are available for fast data entry.

   Option   DescriptionOption Ordering Number
Option 7Secure Data OperationMS2722C-0007
Option 31GPS (GPS antenna required - part number 2000-1528-R)MS2722C-0031
Option 19High Accuracy Power Meter (Power Sensor not included)MS2722C-0019
Option 25Interference Analysis - provides a spectrogram display, signal strengh
with audible tone and RSSI (received signal strength indication)
Option 27Channel Scanner - adds the capability to select up to 20 channels or
signals to monitor (Great for interference mitigation)
Option 89Zero Span IF OutputMS2722C-0089
Option 9RF & Demodulation HardwareMS2722C-0009
Option 40GSM/GPRS/EDGE RF Measurements (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0040
Option 41GSM/GPRS/EDGE Demodulation (requires Opt. 009)MS2722C-0041
Option 44W-CDMA/HSDPA RF Measurements (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0044
Option 45W-CDMA Demodulator (requires Opt. 009)MS2722C-0045
Option 65W-CDMA/HSDPA Demodulator (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0065
Option 35W-CDMA/HSDPA OTA (requires Opt. 009 and 0031)MS2722C-0035
Option 60TD-SCDMA / HSDPA RF Measurements (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0060
Option 61TD-SCDMA Demodulator (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0061
Option 38TD-SCDMA / HSDPA (OTA) Over the Air (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0038
Option 509AM/FM/PM AnalyzerMS2722C-0509
Option 541LTE RF MeasurementsMS2722C-0541
Option 542LTE Modulation MeasurementsMS2722C-0542
Option 543LTE BW = 15 MHz, 20 MHz (requires Option 0541 or 0542)MS2722C-0543
Option 546LTE Over-the-Air (OTA) MeasurementsMS2722C-0546
Option 551TD-LTE RF Measurements (BW = 10 MHz)MS2722C-0551
Option 552TD-LTE Modulation Measurements (BW = 10 MHz)MS2722C-0552
Option 556TD-LTE Over-the-Air MeasurementsMS2722C-0556
Option 42cdmaOne / CDMA 2000 1X RF Measurements (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0042
Option 43cdmaOne/ CDMA2000 1X Demodulator (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0043
Option 33cdmaOne / CDMA2000 1X Over The Air (OTA) Measurements
(requires Option 009 and 0031)
Option 62CDMA2000 1xEV-DO RF Measurements
(requires Option 009)
Option 63CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Demodulator (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0063
Option 34CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Over The Air (OTA) Measurements
(requires Option 009 and 0031)
Option 46Fixed WiMAX RF Measurements (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0046
Option 47Fixed WiMAX Demodulation (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0047
Option 66Mobile WiMAX Demodulation (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0066
Option 67Mobile WiMAX Demodulation (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0067
Option 37Mobile WiMAX, Over the Air (requires Option 009)MS2722C-0037
Option 90 Gated Sweep MS2722C-0090