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MS27101A Interference Hunter

Remote Spectrum Monitor


The In-Building Coverage Mapper Bundle MS27101A-IBCM is a fully integrated coverage mapping solution for both in-building and outdoor applications. The solution provides users with a complete coverage mapping solution that enables the verification of proper signal field strength across multiple frequencies in a single walk-through. Any signal from 9 kHz to 6 GHz can be scanned including: all public bands (all LTE bands), Wi-Fi, and NB-IoT, as well as public service bands (P25, DMR, LTE/FirstNet, UMTS/WCDMA, LMR channel).

The solution is especially ideal for facilities where there is no GPS signal available, such as multi-story buildings or sub-terrain floors. This is because the solution does not rely on a GPS signal, or even a cellular or Wi-Fi signal for that matter. Instead it uses a wearable tracking device that coordinates RF measurements with the exact location in the building. This also makes it ideal for traditionally difficult to cover areas (e.g., stairwells, elevator shafts, and standpipe cabinets) whose exact locations are called out by the NFPA 72 and IPC 510 regulations as requiring coverage for public safety in-building networks.

Building floorplans are easily entered via the photo import function. Coverage mapping results are stored either locally on the device for security reasons or in the cloud for documentation and reporting convenience. Results can be viewed in 2D or 3D to aid in pinpointing exact locations of weak coverage. Multi-floor buildings are supported and battery life is a robust 4 hours.

  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 6 GHz, maximum 6 channel per walk-through
  • Location tracking uses a wearable tracking device, so no GPS signal is needed
  • Easy floorplan import function uses simple floorplan photos
  • NEONNEON Command software display results of entire walk-through in both 2D and 3D
  • Battery pack for up to 4 hours of coverage mapping
  • Light, stylish backpack for both convenience and unobtrusive scanning in public areas
  • Accepts all antennas sold by Anritsu (see Anritsu Antenna Catalog for more information)
  • The bundle includes:
    • Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A
    • NEON Tracking Unit
    • NEON Signal Mapper application for tracking and NEON Command software for capturing and displaying results
    • Battery pack with up to 4 hour life
    • Wireless router for tracking device and spectrum analyzer communication
    • Custom foam to house all components inside backpack and protect them during walkthroughs and transportation
    • Backpack
    • Note: The solution also requires an Android device and Windows PC, which are not included as part of the solution.

Connecting to the Remote Spectrum Monitor Using an Ethernet Network

Communication with the MS27101A is done via the GBit Ethernet port located on the instrument. Options are provided for using DHCP to obtain an IP address dynamically or for setting up a static IP address. The instrument is shipped with the default static IP address of Once a connection is made to the instrument via a laptop/PC, the IP type can be changed via the user interface presented by the monitor’s integrated web server.

For DHCP usage, Anritsu offers an Ethernet Discovery Program which queries your network for all connected devices. The Ethernet Discovery Program can be found on the Anritsu website.

Some customers may prefer to use a Domain Name Server (DNS) where the spectrum monitor’s hostname can be resolved into its dynamic IP address. A DNS server provides the ability to create a hostname. Examples might include hostnames such as “” or “”. There are several free DNS services available. One such service used by Anritsu is You will need to create an account and select a hostname for your instrument.

Further details about configuring your Ethernet connection can be found in our Configuration Quick Start Guide available for download on the Library tab.

  • In-Building wireless network coverage mapping – Validate proper coverage for any band or signal from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. This is ideal for network contractors who need to provide proper coverage documentation to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or building owner in order to receive their occupancy permit (OP).
  • Public safety regulation validation – With regards specifically to NFPA 72 or IFC 510, the In-Building Coverage Mapper Bundle MS27101A-IBCM provides the scanning capability and reporting to satisfy these regulations.
  • Outdoor DAS and public venue coverage mapping – Map the coverage area and more importantly find “dead zones” in your venue or outdoor DAS network so they can be addressed appropriately.

Hardware Options

Option Description
MS27101A-0706 9 kHz – 6 GHz Spectrum Monitor

Vision Options

Option Description
MS27101A-0400 Vision Monitor Enabled
MS27101A-0401 Vision Locate Enabled (requires option 400)
MS27101A-0407 High-Speed Port Scanner
MS27101A-0479 AM/FM Demodulation
MS27101A-0482 Drone Detection and Tracking (requires options 400 and 401)
MS27101A-0485 Spectrum Occupancy (requires option 400)
MS27101A-0486 Coverage Mapping (requires option 407)

SpectraVision Options

Option Description
MS27101A-0467 Channel Scanner
MS27101A-0464 TETRA Signal Analyzer
MS27101A-0471 Satellite Signal Analyzer
MS27101A-0472 Signal ID
MS27101A-0473 Signal ID Advanced (requires option 472)
MS27101A-0474 Power Monitor

Optional Accessories

Option Description
760-288-R Transit Case
2000-1371-R Ethernet Cable, 2.13m (7 ft)
2000-1528-R GPD Antenna, SMA(m) with 5 m (15 ft) cable, 3 dBi gain, requires 5 VDC
MA8100A-001 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(1 year license)
MA8100A-003 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(3 year license)
MA8100A-005 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(5 year license)
MA8100A-100 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(Perpetual license with 3 years cloud service and 3 years maintenance and support)
POA and TDOA Measurements Demonstration Using Vision Software

POA and TDOA Measurements Demonstration Using Vision Software
Make geo-location measurements

Introduction to Remote Spectrum Monitoring-GUI Operation

Introduction to Remote Spectrum Monitoring - GUI Operation
Operating the RSM via a wireless or wired LAN connection
New way to Spectrum Monitor

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