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WDM Tester

此產品已停產 取代型號: MS9740B

In WDM communications, multiple optical elements are used in an optical amplifier and various characteristics are precisely controlled to maintain system performance.

The MS9715A is a measuring instrument for use in system manufacture, construction, and maintenance. One instrument combines accurate measurement of necessary items over long periods and satisfies conditions of simplicity of use in construction and maintenance operations, lightness and compactness, and superior environmental performance with respect to vibration and shock. In addition, since the LabVIEW driver is fitted as standard, programming by remote control is simple. A windows compatible floppy disk drive is also fitted as standard.

NOTE: MS9715A is a build-to-order product.

  • Ease of operation
  • Long time mode for maintaining and monitoring DWDM systems
  • Measurement items include wavelength, level, OSNR, channel spacing, gain tilt, gain slope, etc.
  • Both graphical and tabulated data of a multichannel system is available