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Base Station Tester and Analyzer products from Anritsu.

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We’ve made it easier to get price quotes and order best-in-class cable and antenna analyzers, power meters and sensors, spectrum analyzers, interference analyzers, channel scanners, transmit signal analyzers, electrical and optical backhaul analyzers, precision components and accessories. Quickly select, configure, and order your items 24 hours a day. (U.S. customers only). Find out more.

BTS-burst2.jpgAnritsu offers transmit signal analysis for: GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA/HSDPA, TD-SCDMA/HSDPA, CDMA, EV-DO, Fixed WiMAX, Mobile WiMAX, iDEN, P25, DVB-T/H, and ISDB-T.

Whether it’s a base station analyzer, base station tester, spectrum analyzer or cable and antenna analyzer, Anritsu has the test and measurement equipment you need. Anritsu delivers the features you want with lab-level range and accuracy, in compact instruments that are far smaller, lighter and easier to use than last-century technology. Review our selection and discover why leading wireless carriers and suppliers prefer Anritsu.



Base Station Analyzers

BTS-MT8222A.jpg BTS Master MT8222A High Performance Base Station Analyzer
A battery operated handheld unit that includes a Cable and Antenna Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Interference Analyzer with Signal ID, Channel Scanner, Power Meter, Transmission Signal Analyzer, and a T1/E1/T3 Bit-Error-Rate Tester in a package that weighs less than 9 lbs and is only 12.4 x 8.3 x 3.7 inches. The full featured 2-port 4/6 GHz Cable and Antenna Analyzer allows measurements of Return Loss, VSWR, Insertion Loss/Gain, Cable Loss, and Distance-to-Fault Measurements. The Transmission Signal Analyzer is capable of testing GSM/GPRS/EDGE, W-CDMA/HSDPA, CDMA/EV-DO, TD-SCDMA/HSDPA, Mobile/Fixed WiMAX, and/or DVB-T/H. The Spectrum Analyzer can analyze signals from 100 kHz to 7.1 GHz down to -163 dBm with unparalleled phase noise, dynamic range accompanied with great ease of use plus flexibility when you need it. Find out more.


MT8221B.png BTS Master MT8221B High Performance Base Station Analyzer
The BTS Master MT8221B is Anritsu's high performance base station analyzer. From the ground up it has been designed to support both upcoming 4G standards and installed 2G/3G networks. The MT8221B’s platform provides a 20 MHz demodulation capability to support future 4G technologies such as LTE and WiMAX. It also features a 30 MHz Zero-Span IF Output for external demodulation of virtually any other wideband signal. In addition, a Vector Signal Generator option is available for comprehensive receiver testing capability with the flexibility to generate two modulated signals plus noise. Find out more.


MT8212E300.jpg Cell Master MT8212E Compact Base Station Analyzer
The MT8212E Cell Master™ Base Station Analyzer is the smallest, lightest, and most economical solution for 2/3G and WiMAX base station testing. It’s ideal for installation and commissioning as well as for maintenance and troubleshooting. This optimal combination of base station test capabilities in one handheld device eliminates the need for several independent test instruments, thereby reducing the number of tools the user must carry and learn to operate. Whether it’s sweeping cables, making power measurements, finding interference, troubleshooting base station signal quality, or verifying backhaul performance, the Cell Master MT8212E is the ideal all-in-one instrument to help keep your network up and running. Find out more.