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BTS Master

此产品已停产 替换型号: MT8220T

BTS Master MT8221B 是 Anritsu 推出的高性能基站分析仪。 该产品设计的初衷就是为了满足 4G 标准和已安装的 2G/3G 网络的各项需求。 MT8221B 的平台可提供 20 MHz 的信号解调能力,因而能够支持 1.4 到 20 MHz 的 LTE 带宽。 该产品还能为几乎任何其他带宽的信号的外部解调提供 30 MHz 零跨距中频输出。 此外,MT8221B 还增设了矢量信号发生器选件用以执行全面的接收器测试,该矢量信号发生器能够灵活地生成两种调制信号以及噪音信号。

  • 频率为 400 MHz 到 4 GHz 的双端口电缆与天线分析仪
  • 频率为 150 kHz 到 7.1 GHz 的频谱分析仪
  • 频率为 10 MHz 到 7.1 GHz 的功率计
MA8100A Tutorial – Generating 3D Building Maps

MA8100A Tutorial – Generating 3D Building Maps
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MA8100A Tutorial
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NEON Indoor Mapping with Anritsu LMR Master

NEON Indoor Mapping
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Anritsu MA8100A TRX NEON Signal Mapper

TRX NEON Signal Mapper
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BTS Master MT8221B

BTS Master MT8221B - Master Base Stations
By far the biggest reason customers abandon a wireless vendor is dissatisfaction with dropped calls and network outages. That's where BTS Master comes in.

DTV Single Frequency Network Measurement Solution

Anritsu's DTV Single Frequency Network Measurement Solution
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Wide Dynamic Range
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easyMap Tools - REG Key
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Fixed WiMAX Measurements with the BTS Master MT8222A

Fixed WiMAX Measurements with the BTS Master MT8222A
BTS Master™ MT8222A — A High Performance, Handheld Base Station Analyzer performs Fixed WiMAX Measurements



How to Select RBW and VBW using Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

How to Select RBW and VBW with Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
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Introducing SweepMasters Pro and Pro Plus

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Script Master for Channel Scanner in Anritsu Handheld Analyzers

Channel Scanner Option
Whether you're up the tower or at the base station, you have to master the network.

Spectrogram Display in Anritsu Handheld Instruments

Spectrogram Display
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Spectrum Monitoring using Anritsu Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Monitoring
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SweepMasters Pro and Pro Plus Tutorial

SweepMaster Tutorial
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