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手持式无线通信频谱分析仪提供最高的连续频率覆盖范围和高达100 MHz的实时频谱分析带宽,可满足当前和新兴应用。

频率范围:9 kHz ~ 9/14/20/26.5/32/43.5/54 GHz

Field Master Pro MS2090A具有从9 kHz到54 GHz的连续频率覆盖范围,专门设计用于应对当今使用的其他各种无线技术的测试挑战,这些技术包括:5G,LTE,无线回传,航空航天/国防,卫星系统。

Field Master Pro MS2090A 是一款手持式触摸屏频谱分析仪,可提供最高水平的射频性能;该设备的显示平均噪声电平 (DANL) 为 -164 dBm,三阶交调 (TOI) 为 +20 dBm(典型值)。该设备可使频谱清理、无线电调准、谐波和失真等测量比以往更准确。对于在数字系统上进行调制测量,100 MHz 的调制带宽及业界最佳相噪性能可最大程度地提高测量精度,同时 ±0.5 dB 的典型振幅精度可让您信心十足地测试发射器功率和杂波。

针对现场使用进行了加固处理,所有版本均配有各种用于加速和简化测量以及提高可用性的功能。20 MHz(标准)~ 100 MHz(可选)的 RTSA 范围使蜂窝干扰监控能够执行全 ISM 频带信号分析。除了作为全范围扫描调节频谱分析仪外,所有版本均配有频谱图显示器,有助于监控射频频谱的间歇或干扰信号。集成式信道功率和占用带宽测量可简化常用无线电传输的测量和特征识别。5G 帧的 IQ 数据采集功能可采集和保存 IQ 数据,以便利用标准数据分析工具在计算机上进行离线处理。

  • 9 kHz ~ 9/14/20/26.5/32/43.5/54 GHz
  • DANL:-164 dBm(带前置放大器)
  • TOI:+20 dBm(典型值)
  • 分析带宽:100 MHz
  • 振幅范围:DANL ~ +30 dBm
  • 1 GHz 下的相噪:-110 dBc/Hz,100 kHz 偏差(典型值)
  • Demodulation: 5GNR, LTE FDD, RF, and modulation quality plus SSB signal analysis
  • 分辨率带宽 (RBW):1 Hz ~ 10 MHz
  • RTSA 带宽:20 MHz ~ 100 MHz
  • 振幅精度:<14 GHz ± 1.3 dB(± 0.5 dB,典型值)


凭借极低的小于200 mW的功耗,MA25401A为安立公司的手持产品带来了原子钟频率基准的精度和稳定性。 MA25401A原子钟频率基准具有3.0e–10 @ t = 1 sec的短期稳定性(艾伦偏差),每月 < 9e–10的典型长期老化时间以及最大频率变化(±5e–10)。工作温度范围为–10°C至55°C。 MA25401A 的10 MHz输出可用于将内部频率参考与外部参考时钟同步,精度在5 ppb之内。 USB- C接口用于供电。


MA25424A IQ Data Converter is required in order to stream data from the Field Master Pro MS2090A spectrum analyzer to the Bird IQC5000B RF record and playback system.

MA25424A IQ Converter Box


MX280006A IQ Acquisition Tool supports IQ streaming to a PC from Anritsu’s Field Master. The tool helps establish a connection from the PC to the instrument using the IP address. Users then setup an IQ stream via Ethernet or PCIe (MS2090A only) and the IQ Capture Tool facilitates the transfer into PC storage.

PCIe Streaming Kit

MA25101A PCIe Streaming Kit works in conjunction with Option 125 IQ Streaming to stream high bandwidth data directly to a PC. The kit includes a PCIe cable, a PCIe card, and two sizes of PC mounting brackets.

2000-1985-R Isotropic EMF Probe for use with Option 445

The 2000-1985-R Isotropic EMF Probe, in conjunction with MS2090A Option 445 EMF Meter, offers a broadband EMF measurement from 20 MHz to 40 GHz with excellent accuracy and speed. Simply connect the probe to a USB port on the Field Master Pro, open the EMF Meter application (requires Option 445) and easily measure the EMF energy as a percentage of FCC public, FCC technician, ICNIRP public, or ICNIRP public limits.

MS2090A EMF 2000-1985-R

PC based VSA software for use with IQ data captured from a Field Master Pro MS2090A Handheld Spectrum Analyzer.

MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis PC software for Field Master Pro MS2090A is for testing physical layer modulation quality of various transmission standards. It serves a wide variety of markets, from aerospace to public safety (TETRA) to satellite communications and commercial electronics (ZigBee, Wi-Fi).

The MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis PC software is designed to perform physical layer modulation analysis of common communication transmitter signals. During the design and manufacturing stages of a wireless communication system, it is common to measure the modulation quality with benchtop instruments. Using the IQ capture option of the Field Master Pro MS2090A (Option 128 required) together with the MX280005A software these measurements can be validated in a field environment. Framed and unframed signals are supported. In framed mode, the software decodes common wireless signals including public safety (TETRA, P25, and DMR) to aerospace and satellite communications. In unframed mode, the software analyzes continuous modulation such as DQPSK, QAM, ASK, and FSK. The Field Master Pro MS2090A supports IQ captures up to 110 MHz bandwidth meaning narrow band communications signals or wideband satellite downlink signals can be captured and analyzed with the same application.

MX280005A software can initiate the capture of IQ data from a Field Master Pro MS2090A over an Ethernet connection or a data capture can be triggered manually through the Field Master Pro MS2090A touchscreen. Multiple analysis formats are provided including signal spectrum, EVM, constellation diagrams, eye diagrams, and numeric result tables. A comprehensive insight into all aspects of the transmitter performance is provided as multiple results windows can be displayed simultaneously.


2000-1411-R 824 MHz ~ 896 MHz,N(f),12.3 dBi,八木天线
2000-1412-R 885 MHz ~ 975 MHz,N(f),12.6 dBi,八木天线
2000-1413-R 1710 MHz ~ 1880 MHz,N(f),12.3 dBi,八木天线
2000-1414-R 1850 MHz ~ 1990 MHz,N(f),11.4 dBi,八木天线
2000-1415-R 2400 MHz ~ 2500 MHz,N(f),14.1 dBi,八木天线
2000-1416-R 1920 MHz ~ 2170 MHz,N(f),14.3 dBi,八木天线
2000-1659-R 698 MHz ~ 787 MHz,N(f),10.1 dBi,八木天线
2000-1660-R 1425 MHz ~ 1535 MHz,N(f),14.3 dBi,八木天线
2000-1715-R 定向天线,698 MHz ~ 2500 MHz,N(f),2 dBi ~ 10 dBi 增益,典型值
2000-1726-R 天线,2500 MHz ~ 2700 MHz,N(f),14.1 dBi,八木天线
2000-1747-R 天线,对数周期,300 MHz ~ 7000 MHz,N(f),5.1 dBi,典型值
2000-1748-R 天线,对数周期,1 GHz ~ 18 GHz,N(f),6 dBi,典型值
2000-1777-R 便携式定向天线,9 kHz ~ 20 MHz,N(f)
2000-1778-R 便携式定向天线,20 MHz ~ 200 MHz,N(f)
2000-1779-R 便携式定向天线,200 MHz ~ 500 MHz,N(f)
2000-1812-R 便携式八木天线,450 MHz ~ 512 MHz,N(f),7.1 dBi
2000-1825-R 便携式八木天线,380 MHz ~ 430 MHz,N(f),7.1 dBi


2000-1200-R 806 MHz ~ 866 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω
2000-1473-R 870 MHz ~ 960 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω
2000-1035-R 896 MHz ~ 941 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω(1/2 波长)
2000-1030-R 1710 MHz ~ 1880 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω(1/2 波长)
2000-1474-R 1710 MHz ~ 1880 MHz,带关节式弯段(1/2 波长)
2000-1031-R 1850 MHz ~ 1990 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω(1/2 波长)
2000-1475-R 1920 MHz ~ 1980 MHz 和 2110 MHz ~ 2170 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω
2000-1032-R 2400 MHz ~ 2500 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω(1/2 波长)
2000-1361-R 2400 MHz ~ 2500 MHz,5000 MHz ~ 6000 MHz,SMA(m),50 Ω
2000-1751-R 698 MHz ~ 960 MHz,1710 MHz ~ 2100 MHz,2500 MHz ~ 2700 MHz,SMA(m),2 dB,典型值,50 Ω
2000-1636-R 天线套件(包含:2000-1030-R、2000-1031-R、2000-1032-R、2000-1200-R、2000-1035-R、
2000-1361-R 和便携袋)


2000-1867-R 17.6 GHz ~ 26.7 GHz,WR42,25 dBi 增益
2000-1868-R 26.4 GHz ~ 40.1 GHz,WR28,25 dBi 增益
2000-1869-R 33.0 GHz ~ 50.1 GHz,WR22,25 dBi 增益
2000-1870-R 39.3 GHz ~ 59.7 GHz,WR19,25 dBi 增益


The 5G Evolution of Indoor Wireless Networks for Smart Buildings and Manufacturing Facilities

5G technology has introduced some exciting possibilities for in-building functions. The “smart” buildings and manufacturing facilities of tomorrow will include new functions such as IoT, factory automation, machine learning devices, and cloud compute applications. To handle these new features, network architectures will change, frequency bands will be added, and new network features will be introduced. In this webinar, we will examine how the indoor wireless networks will evolve as we move to 5G, and the challenges in managing these complex networks to ensure performance and reliability for both commercial as well as the public safety networks.

Understanding Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

Real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) provides signal insight previously only available in high-end lab and benchtop solutions. RTSA allows gapless capture and display of rapidly changing and highly intermittent signals. The digital nature of RTSA also makes a variety of analysis and display technologies possible that traditionally required multiple hardware platforms.


Field Master Pro MS2090A 是一款手持式射频频谱分析仪,可提供最高水平的工作性能,为现场工程师和技术人员带来之前仅限于台式设备的前所未有的测量精度。

  • 干扰源查找和频谱清理网络 – 快速扫描速度、低失真前端和频谱图显示器,有助于高效地部署新网络,进而确保频谱清晰,验证所有旧用户是否已停止全部传输。

  • 广播发射器分析 – 各种发射器测量 – 包括:谐波、杂波、占用带宽、信道功率和相邻信道功率 – 确保符合法规要求

  • 微波无线电链路 – 凭借高达 54 GHz 的频率选项和非凡的抛物面天线调准灵敏性,可在利用波导喇叭天线执行安装和维护测试的过程中验证功率和调制带宽。

  • 卫星系统监控 – 特别适合监控下行链路信号,以搜索干扰和噪声

  • 5GNR 基站测量 – 利用完全符合 3GPP TS 38.104 V15 的基本测量参数验证 gNB 基站的性能,包括:
    • 频率误差
    • 时间偏差
    • 单元/区域 ID
    • 调制质量
    • 无用发射
    • 占用带宽
    • 相邻信道泄漏比
    • 发射器杂波频率达到 12.75 GHz
    • EIRP
    • 同步信号块 (SSB)

  • 5G 覆盖映射 – 通过连续测量射频数据接收目标地理区域 5G 发射器信号强度的清楚表述 – 包括 5G 信道功率、EIRP 或 RSRP – 结果以图表形式显示在数字地图或建筑楼层平面图上。
频率范围 MS2090A-0709 9 kHz ~ 9 GHz
MS2090A-0714 9 kHz ~ 14 GHz
MS2090A-0720 9 kHz ~ 20 GHz
MS2090A-0726 9 kHz ~ 26.5 GHz
MS2090A-0732 9 kHz ~ 32 GHz
MS2090A-0743 9 kHz ~ 43.5 GHz
MS2090A-0754 9 kHz ~ 54 GHz
DANL(带前置放大器) -164 dBm
TOI +20 dBm
分析带宽 100 MHz
解调 5GNR, LTE FDD, RF, and modulation quality plus SSB signal analysis
振幅范围 DANL ~ +30 dBm
1 GHz 下的相噪 -110 dBc/Hz,100 kHz 偏差(典型值)
分辨率带宽 (RBW) 1 Hz ~ 10 MHz
输入 SWR 1.5
振幅精度 < 14 GHz ±1.3 dB(±0.5 dB,典型值)
RTSA 带宽 20 MHz ~ 100 MHz
选项 描述
MS2090A-0709 9 kHz ~ 9 GHz
MS2090A-0714 9 kHz ~ 14 GHz
MS2090A-0720 9 kHz ~ 20 GHz
MS2090A-0726 9 kHz ~ 26.5 GHz
MS2090A-0732 9 kHz ~ 32 GHz
MS2090A-0743 9 kHz ~ 43.5 GHz
MS2090A-0754 9 kHz ~ 54 GHz
MS2090A-0006 Remove WiFi and Bluetooth
MS2090A-0024 Interference Finder
MS2090A-0031 GPS 接收器(需要 GPS 天线,单独出售)
- 2000-1528-R GPS 天线,带 5 m (15 ft) 电缆的 SMA(m),需要 5 VDC
- 2000-1652-R GPS 天线,带 0.3 m (1 ft) 电缆的 SMA(m),需要 3.3 或 5 VDC
- 2000-1760-R GPS 天线,不带电缆的 SMA(m),2.5 ~ 3.7 VDC
MS2090A-0103 50 MHz 分析带宽
MS2090A-0104 100 MHz 分析带宽
MS2090A-0126 IQ Waveform Capture (non export controlled)
MS2090A-0127 IQ Waveform Streaming (non export controlled)
MS2090A-0128 Vector Signal Analysis Enabled (requires option 124 or 126)
MS2090A-0199 实时频谱分析仪
MS2090A-0400 Vision Monitor Enabled
MS2090A-0407 High-Speed Port Scanner
MS2090A-0421 Pulse Analyzer
MS2090A-0444 EMF Measurement (SPA mode, frequency selective; requires Anritsu Isotropic Antenna)
MS2090A-0445 EMF Meter Enabled (Broadband EMF measurements from 20 MHz to 40 GHz with the 2000-1985-R Isotropic EMF Probe)
MS2090A-0883 LTE FDD Measurements (requires Option 31)
MS2090A-0888 5G NR 下行链路测量(需要选项 31)
MS2090A-xxxx-097 符合 ISO17025 和 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 的官方认可校准(xxxx 是频率选项编号)
MS2090A-xxxx-098 符合 ISO17025 和 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 的标准校准(xxxx 是频率选项编号)
MS2090A-xxxx-099 符合 ISO17025、ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 及测试数据的高级校准(xxxx 是频率选项编号)
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